Christmas In Wales

Christmas Dinner is our favourite type of dinner, and we’re rather fond of a good turkey (or goose!) with all of the trimmings, and an excellent Christmas Pudding. Yet, we’ve never really attempted to spend Christmas anywhere but at home. But as the kids have grown up and moved away, and have their own lives, we can’t help but feel a little at a loss at this time of year, with all manner of goings on all around us and things to do, but not much of an idea on what exactly appeals to us… or what we’re supposed to do.

When we were approached about spending Christmas in the heart of North Wales, within a luxury, boutique Country House Hotel in Caernarfon, we were immediately interested. After all, who wouldn’t value a holiday at Christmastime? The Ty’n Rhos Country House sits upon an open field, and benefits from a very good position between Bangor and Caernarfon. And, their Christmas events are better described as a Christmas Spectacular, to be frank.

We arrived at 2pm on the dot to a very festive tipple and a sumptuous cream tea, right in front of a gloriously cosy log fire that put ours at home to shame. We made quite an event about exploring this beautiful Country House – the surroundings and the gardens in particular are wonderful, and staff presence was very attentive, but nicely relaxed. Later in the day we enjoyed an entirely fabulous three-course candlelit dinner, followed by coffee and chocolates. Apparently the Ty’n Rhos has a fantastic restaurant in Caernarfon with a very high reputation, and we certainly weren’t let down.

We enjoyed a very restful night’s sleep within an individually decorated, sumptuously outfitted room. We awoke fresh and ready to take on Christmas Day with a very thoughtfully presented Contental Breakfast. Opening presents within such grand surroundings was certainly an experience!

The décor at the T’yn Rhos was beautiful and very classy, and we’re very happy to report that even their Christmas decorations were perfectly in keeping with the rest of the décor. Classy and high-end, with not a single sprig of tatty or cheap looking tinsel anywhere.

Christmas Lunch was an experience. With utterly fine dining, lovely service and excellent staff, we enjoyed ourselves very much – especially so thanks to some wonderful wine recommendations. We enquired as to how exactly such a small restaurant in Caernarfon managed to have such a selection, and we were entrusted with the knowledge that the T’yn Rhos have links to a local wine merchant. The staff in their entirety were very well-educated in regard to all things wine, and it was refreshing to have a conversation with a server that absolutely and entirely shares a passion for all things wine.

When Lunch was over, we were pleasantly surprised to find that wasn’t the end of the festivities. We were greeted with coffee, Christmas cake, and a pleasant liqueur served in the stunning conservatory, and a full evening buffet.

Boxing Day started off with a full Welsh Breakfast, and we were pleased to discover that the afternoon enabled us to check out the sales in nearby Caernarfon, and we found a number of bargains in this fantastic little Welsh town. We returned to a piping hot pot of tea within the Conservatory, and later met in the Lounge at 7pm for drinks and more delicious canapes. There was even more food on hand with a 5-course Gala Dinner, followed by more coffee and a selection of utterly delicious petit fours.

All-in-all, the Ty’n Rhos looked after us well and truly. Service was kind, attentive, and their staff appear to know the correct balance between providing everything you need, without it being too overbearing. The food was absolutely delicious and there was more than enough of it to leave us feeling that we couldn’t even begin to handle another bite! 

The Ty’n Rhos has a similar package throughout 2016, so we encourage you wholeheartedly to spend Christmas in Wales this year. You certainly won’t regret it!