The King's Trail - An Arctic Adventure in Sweden's Northern Reaches

The King's Trail Sweden Snowshoe Adventure

Ever stare out your window, dreaming of snow covered mountains as far as the eyes can see? Frozen glaciers gleaming in the distance as a cold winter’s sun shines down across an arctic landscape emanating a serene yet awesome scene.

Sounds like something out of a dream, right? Well this wondrous vision is closer than you’d expect. An adventure to Sweden’s frozen northern reaches is more achievable than one might think initially. The fabled Kings Trail is calling, and you need but answer and be whisked away on an extreme Sweden snow shoe trek expedition into the snow-covered landscape.

The King’s Trail is world famous 440 km long distance walking path in Lapland which leader from Abisko to Kebnekaise an adventure filled Sweden snowshoe trek. On this route you will begin via sled dog and snowmobiles taking you to the starting position, afterwards it will be a multi-day trek in which you will traverse miles of snow-covered landscapes, spending the night in remote cabins which are designed for such journeys. There is a wonderful co-living attitude that you can share with fellow hikers washing, cooking and cleaning responsibilities.

You will be able to enjoy local delicacies of native population, including dried reindeer meat and locally inspired soup and stew. A high number of calories will be an important aspect of sustaining your continued pace and necessary stamina. Each of these remote cabins are kitten out with a sauna which will reinvigorate your bodies after a long hard day of snowshoe trekking in northern Sweden.

You will be carrying your own supplies, amounting to about 10-12 kg of weight. This is an invigorating Sweden snowshoe trek that outdoor adventure lovers will thoroughly enjoy. Each time of year has its appeal to a different kind of hike. Summer makes the possibility of a midnight sun trek possible where the sun doesn’t set, the autumn on the other hand offers a transitional period between the immovable winter and the spritely summer which may suit that desire for balance in your soul.