Outdoor Activities in North Wales

North Wales is known as the adventure capital of North Wales and with so much to do, it’s no surprise. From mountain biking to rock climbing, there is a wide range of adrenaline filled activities to satisfy your adventure craving. The great thing is, these activities are perfect for the whole family; a great way to spend time together. Here are some of our top picks for both adult and children's activities in Snowdonia!

A popular activity for the family is segway adventures, a chance to travel through scenic woodland and trek through forests in a way you wouldn’t normally get the chance to experience. A segway is a two wheeled vehicle that has become extremely popular due to it’s smooth and sleek nature, it is very similar to an electric scooter. You can glide through the forest with the whole family, exploring new places and taking in the beautiful scenery around you whilst you go!

Paintballing is another great way to bond, it’s an adrenaline filled activity which is packed full of fun and adventure. Make your way through various game zones, each with their own unique design and objective. From bridges and trenches to barricades and empty cars - you’ll have endless fun making your way through and competing for the winning title!

Have you watched Bear Grylls on the TV? If you’ve always fancied yourself joining in on his adventures, why not get the whole family to a wild camp? L earn to make a fire, purify water and even make an emergency survival shelter. With no internet, you get a real chance to bond with close ones whilst having the best of fun, exploring wild terrains and putting your outdoor skills to the test!

If you’re lucky enough to live in Snowdonia or you’re simply visiting the area, why not give one of the above a go? You’ll experience the beautiful North Wales countryside whilst completing some fantastic new adventures.