FAQ: Glamping Holidays

Glamorous camping, or ‘glamping’ as it is commonly known is a good way to get back to nature, whilst also still retaining some of the much-loved creature comforts. Some people have had bad experiences of traditional camping in the past, so glamping can be a great alternative for those wanting to give it a go again in their adulthood. 

Glamping North Wales is a brilliant way to dip your toe into the pool of glamping - with creature comforts such as luxury soft bedding, a wood burning stove and an ensuite! Here are some more reasons why trying a glamping holiday should be on your travel bucket list. 

Hassle & Stress Free
When compared to traditional camping, glamping is relatively hassle and stress free - in most cases you can simply arrive at your chosen glamping destination and unpack your bags! Glamping locations can range from secluded treehouses, log cabins, shepherds huts, teepees or yurts - all of which will be equipped with some form of common creature comforts. 

Heading off to a glamping retreat for a weekend can be the perfect time to relax and unplug from modern life. Some people choose to leave their electronic gadgets at home, really giving them the chance to be present in the moment, to embrace nature and to engage in old-fashioned communication. 

Anyone Can Do It
Glamping holidays are fairly accessible - meaning that they are suitable for pretty much everyone. Families, couples and even individuals can enjoy glamping holidays; they can be the perfect staycation for those looking to explore more of their own country.

Great Outdoors
Getting back to nature is beneficial to anyone - immersing yourself in the great outdoors is a good way to relieve stress and tension. Glamping locations tend to be very picturesque and incredibly beautiful, allowing you to relax and appreciate the natural beauty of the world around you. 

A glamping holiday has lots of the added creature comforts that some people hate about traditional camping. Access to running hot water, proper cooking facilities, private bathroom areas and a comfortable raised bed with soft linens is also a plus! 

Unless you choose to jet off somewhere sunnier for a glamping holiday, the costs can be kept relatively low. Most glamping locations offer a self-catering option which means that you can take your own food and drink with you, and you’ll be able to do a lot of free outdoor activities such as exploring the local area.