Bathing Quality at UK Beaches Drops - Where's Safe?

The BBC recently published an article about how in the last year the amount of beaches recommended in "The Good Beach Guide" has fallen.

The amount of beaches recommended by the Good Beach Guide has dropped by 74, the most it has ever dropped in the guide's history.

There are reasons for this, at the time when the study was taken, the UK was in the midst of a very wet summer, which washed pollutants & other undesirables into rivers & streams, which then flowed into the sea.

So what advice does the Marine Conservation Society give?

Mr Bell warned bathers that to avoid health risks, they should pick places to swim in the sea which had a good water quality record.

People are advised to stay out of the water for at least 24 hours after heavy storms and report pollution problems to the MCS.

A full list of beaches and how they scored is available in this PDF, click here to download it.

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