Monday, 25 September 2017

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Yorkshire’s Dales are what can be considered one of the greatest areas in the United Kingdom for reacquainting yourself with nature and some good old-fashioned walking.
The Yorkshire Dales are a wonderful natural paradise for hikers and mountain walkers in particular, as there are many hills and mountains to get involved with.
After years of people travelling from all over the country to climb, A challenge was created in which participants would be tasked with ascending three of these peaks in consecutive journey.
This route is entitled ‘The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

Not unlike it’s brother courses like ‘The Welsh Three Peaks Challenge’ and the ‘National Three Peaks Challenge’ you must tackle the highest peaks of the region, while exploring the region and trekking cross country.
The Yorkshire Three Peaks route is 24 Miles long, and includes 5,200ft (1585m) of ascent.
To take part in the challenge, you can try to organise yourself as a group, or you can join a pre-organised event.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge includes Pen-y Ghent 694 metres
Whernside 736 metres and Ingleborough 723 metres. You will be crossing the River Ribble.
Yorkshire is a vast and beautiful land with many gorgeous mountains, rivers, moorland and much more. It’s no wonder that this is one of the UK’s favourite hiking locations. However, organising this can be a massive inconvenience and if you live a busy lifestyle and only just about have enough time for -well – the hiking, then a company can organise your tour for you so you can go on the challenge hassle free and easy.
Additionally, if you need to find a group to undergo the challenge alongside you, however you are lacking like minded friends and are keen for an opportunity to meet those people, you can indulge in the opportunity to do this for yourself.
Many people who have not quite enough experience for hiking to oversee their own expedition are going to be pleased to be able to join in with an organised group.
Reviews of the Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge.
“Tough but I loved it”
“A personal challenge”
“A real test, but spectacularly rewarding”

Friday, 22 September 2017

Budget Hotels In Llandudno With Style

Getting a great deal on a seafront hotel in Llandudno doesn’t mean that you have to put up with inferior accommodation for the sake of saving money. The saying “You get what you pay for” has been true to very many things throughout life, but it doesn’t have to apply to everything. Seafront hotels in Llandudno for instance.

A few tips and tricks can ensure that you can get a lovely hotel in Llandudno with high-quality interiors, excellent proximity to the seaside, fantastic staff and an excellent stay without breaking the bank – leaving you more money for attractions and entertainment on your holiday, of course.
The secret to getting all of this might surprise you.

Booking your hotel directly has been long considered a complete waste of money, but things tend to come around in circles. You might remember the first price comparison websites some years ago – which promised that using them was a far cheaper option than contacting the company directly. That was the case – once – but things have come around full circle. Nowadays, price comparison websites are big business, and they are the norm for booking hotels online. When a price comparison website becomes the port of call for most people, what’s the point of being competitive?

A price comparison website will make money by charging a hotel owner a commission cost for each and every booking. This fee can range from 10% to 25% depending on the location and the time of year, and most hotel owners will do the logical thing and put their fees on comparison websites up in order to stay afloat. 25% of a booking is a lot of money, and a lot of smaller hotel owners tend to really suffer as a result of this.

Small hotel owners also tend to lower their own prices in order to provide better deals than price comparison websites as well, meaning that if you book directly you can really save a lot of money on the price of your next holiday.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Real Ale Festival Takes You Across North Wales

Summer may be coming to a close but that isn’t going to stop the tourists flocking to the North Wales coast to stay in a Llandudno seafront hotel. If you are lucky you can still acquire some last minute sunshine and an ice cream without needing to carry an umbrella! But for those of you looking for an activity predominantly based indoors, then the Conwy Real Ale Trail is going to be right up your street!
The Conwy County Borough Council is happy to inform you that the real ale festival is coming back to the area for the second time this year. An event that is constantly on the move throughout one whole day, from the Llandudno seafront right through to Conwy Marina, stopping at places in between both locations.
The map consists of seven pubs and bars, with a microbrewery thrown in as a treat! All of these renowned establishments are full to the brim with charm and character, and beloved by the locals. The microbreweries are rarely open to the general public, so having them on the map is truly a blessing.
Starting at The Albert on Madoc Street in the heart of Llandudno, you will move round to The Kings Head on the side of the Great Orme. Rhos will be your next stop, featuring the Rhos Fynach and The Cayley Flyer. Colwyn Bay is close by, and host to the newly renovated Station pub and restaurant. The Conwy brewery, Bank of Conwy, and Wild Horse Brewery are the final chapters of your ale-based story.
The aim is to have these pubs and bars full with a wide variety of people, not just from the local area, but packed to the rafters with visitors from all over Wales and the United Kingdom, so bring your friends and prepare to make some more!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Welshpool Canal Walk with Ty Gobaith

Those of you who are lucky enough to be taking your well deserved holiday at a caravan park in Mid Wales this year, you may find yourself looking for an interesting activity to take part in and enjoy. Look no further than the Welshpool Canal Walk with Ty Gobaith (Happy House) on Sunday the 24th of September, a wonderful charity event helping to support children and their families across the whole of Wales.
The first canal walk event that took place last year was so overwhelmingly popular that the organisers have brought it back again, this time in memory of one of the Hope House mums, Teresa Thomas, who put together last year's event and sadly passed away rather unexpectedly in January this year.
Anybody is welcome to join the challenge and walk in Teresa’s footsteps along the 8 mile stretch of the Montgomeryshire Canal, from Welshpool to Garthmyl on the edge of Berriew. You may spot the local wildlife as you walk alongside the serene canal, from otters to water voles, and more than likely the odd duck!

Keep you eyes peeled for the local landmarks visible during the fantastic canal walk. You will pass the Powysland Museum, Powys Castle and Showground, and the Llyn Coed Y Dinas Nature Reserve. When you reach the halfway point you will be able to rest and enjoy some refreshments at the Horseshoes Inn.
Registration for the Welshpool Canal Walk is free of charge, and there is no minimum sponsorship, but please do raise whatever you can to aid the support given to children and their families across the entirety of Wales by Ty Gobaith.

The event will begin at 10am. All dogs are welcome so feel free to bring your furry friend, all that we ask is that children are accompanied by an adult.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

High Quality Stays in the Heart of Snowdonia

Snowdonia's landscapes are varied, and so very beautiful.
Very many of us automatically think of going abroad when we consider the thought of going on holiday. With that comes airport delays, pat downs and cramped planes – as well as your money simply going not as far as it used to when it comes to holiday spends. The weak pound compared to the Euro has meant that very many of us are having to cut back on your holidays because we simply can’t buy as much as we used to.

However, going abroad isn’t all there is to enjoying a great holiday.

Bodnant Gardens' Laburnum Arch
is a real treat to see.
The Great British Holiday has stepped up its game considerably in recent years, and staying in the UK can actually give you a relaxing, peaceful holiday which can make you feel like you’ve actually recharged your batteries. There are a number of excellent hotels in the UK which can provide all of the service you would expect from a holiday, and they go above and beyond to ensure that you’ll have a marvellous time.

The rising cost of going abroad isn’t going to go down any time soon, and while the UK cannot promise that you’ll spend a solid two weeks sunbathing on a beach, there’s plenty of other things which can really make an excellent experience for a fantastic time away from home. Snowdonia, for instance. This charming national park in Wales is regarded as a national area of conservation, and truly has something for everyone.

Snowdonia features coastlines with very valuable (and beautiful) sand dune systems along miles and miles of pristine coastline, forests which are home to abundant (and ancient) Welsh oaks, birch, mountain ash, and hazel trees, as well as proud mountains including the very well known Snowdon and the lesser known Tryfan, and of course a range of wildlife.

Zip World is a must for all self-respecting thrillseekers.
As you visit Snowdonia, it’s more than likely you’ll run into all manner of animals which are native to the region, including otters, polecats, peregrines, ospreys, red kites – and even the odd feral goat.

That’s not even to mention the man-made attractions that make the region so very special.

For those looking for a refined experience, there’s the National Trust’s Bodnant Gardens, which features a wealth of rare and unique plantlife which was brought back from all four corners of the new world by intrepid explorers and has been lovingly cultivated ever since.

Families with younger children are positively encouraged to visit Greenwood Forest Park, a completely green theme park which offers a great variety of rides and entertainment.

Surf Snowdonia has thrills, spills, and gigantic waves.
Thrillseekers can have a fantastic time with the Zip World series of attractions throughout the Snowdonia region. Their multiple sites have all manner of things for the modern adventurer – from high speed zip lining to spelunking. For those who wish to try something truly different, there’s Surf Snowdonia – which offers inland surfing. (Yes, that’s right! Inland surfing!)

With all of this, Snowdonia has enjoyed a rather busy summer with a lot of visitors giving the area a try, and hotels in Snowdonia have been filled to the brim with visitors. Getting the right hotel is very important of course. Look for a hotel in Snowdonia which offers a great location, excellent standards of service and an excellent base in which to enjoy your Welsh adventure.

Friday, 25 August 2017

A Day Out At Llandudno Pier

One of the longest piers in the UK, Llandudno Pier is very much this seaside town’s main attraction. Saying that, Llandudno Pier is not the only attraction in Llandudno. This bustling seaside town has every many attractions – from prehistoric mineshafts (really!) and WW2 museums to actual working farms.  A holiday within Llandudno means that there will certainly be a choice of things to do, and fun for all of the family is guaranteed - as well as a top class stay at Llandudno seafront hotels.

Some attractions are made better than others of course, and while Llandudno is a resort which genuinely does have a lot of varied and engaging things, perhaps the most profound, simply by visibility, is the famous Llandudno pier. With a rich history, Llandudno pier has been a large part of the identity of this seaside town since it was created, in matters of tourism and otherwise.

Some of the very best hotels in Llandudno gather around the beautiful Llandudno Pier and the seafront promenade, and Llandudno’s North Parade is considered the crème de la crème of Llandudno property. Historic and iconic Llandudno Restaurants and Hotels line the North Parade just parallel to the Llandudno Pier, providing a beautiful and idyllic view of the pier in all of its glory.

And what a sight it is to see.

The Llandudno Pier boasts an abundance of shops and stalls and sells a variety of things – icecreams, candy floss, chips and sweets for a start, and other shops sell buckets and spades as well as very many little seaside souvenirs. The little shops which line Llandudno’s famous pier are very much the embodiment of classic British seaside joy.

Look out for the fantastic Codman’s Punch and Judy Show which is just shy of the pier on the North Parade – as well as the speedboat rides which run every half hour. Llandudno Pier is also wonderful for a stroll - The series of funfair rides on Llandudno Pier are excellent for small children, and there are also brass bands that occasionally play in designated areas.

Even better – making it to the end of Llandudno Pier will afford you splendid views of the Llandudno Bay which are absolutely impossible to beat.  

The Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno

Llandudno is widely regarded as a beautiful seaside town which has bucked the trend of the declining quality of the British seaside holiday, and is very much the jewel in the crown of the North Wales tourism industry. The resort was originally built in Victorian times, and to this day manages to walk a fine balance toward having an unmistakable class - Victorian elegance meeting a wonderfully fun family holiday. As such, it has been a very popular destination for all manner of people - domestic advocates of the Great British Seaside holiday, and also foreign tourists which are looking for something a little bit different.
As such, there’s all manner of restaurants in Llandudno, as many as there are hotels in fact. Llandudno has made a name for itself as an excellent place to go out and eat in particular - and alike Llandudno has managed to walk the line between a classy getaway and a fun one, the selection of restaurants in Llandudno is vast and varied.
In all of our travels, we can’t imagine anywhere else in the world that provides both chain restaurant favourites for convenient and fast dining, and home-cooked restaurants that put love into everything they make and are much more of an event rather than a meal. Llandudno has both in abundance, and strikes a happy balance between the two. Llandudno as a result doesn’t feel stuffy, and likewise, it doesn’t feel cheapened alike most seaside resorts in the UK. It’s just about right.
For the latter, it doesn’t get any better than the Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno. Part of the St Tudno Hotel, The Terrace is a little known gem in Llandudno - providing excellent quality menus and dishes which are very well made, for both the hotel’s guests and visitors alike. Their Afternoon Tea in Llandudno is known by the locals as the very best of the best - excellent value but of extremely high quality, with gigantic cakes, fresh fruit, and sandwiches which are absolutely delicious - served (of course!) with your selections of piping hot tea.
The Terrace provides, in addition, a Friday Night steak menu which is absolutely out of this world. With so much choice served up every Friday, even vegetarians and vegans are bound to feel overwhelmed with choice, which is more than what you can say for most restaurants in Llandudno or even beyond.

Give the Terrace a call on 01492 874411 in order to book your table. This little gem is certainly worth a try, and we’re certain that you’ll consider this beautiful little place a firm favourite before you’ve even left!