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Llandudno in North Wales. The Perfect Holiday Destination

Llandudno is a seaside resort and town that is situated on the North Wales coast, which attracts thousands of visitors every year, due to its stunning location and wealth of activities and attractions. Llandudno is the largest seaside resort in Wales, and is often considered to be ‘Queen of the Welsh Resorts’. Llandudno is very easily accessed, with great transport links by car and rail, making it extremely easy to get to. The crescent shaped ‘front’ shoreline of Llandudno homes a great range of hotels and restaurants, with plenty of great places to stay.

The main shopping town of Llandudno is just behind the hotels on the front, and spread down a main road, all the way to a new shopping complex, which consists of some of the big name department stores you will be very familiar with. The wealth of shops located within Llandudno, North Wales makes it perfect for those of you who love to shop whilst on a trip away. There are various traditional welsh shops, local souvenir shops and book …