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The Quaint Village of Betws Y Coed

As soon as you step out the door of your charming bed and breakfast in Betws Y Coed, there’s a whole day of exploring that you simply have to jump right into as it’s one of the most idyllic regions across the whole of North Wales.
Translated to English as “Prayer house in the wood”, Betws is a true hidden gem of the north of Wales and with an estimated population of just 600, you can be assured that there are fewer more peaceful places to enjoy a day out in.
Located in the Snowdonia National Park, it is the perfect starting point for any who want to venture around the reserve itself. If you don’t fancy the heft trek up one of Snowdonia’s fearsome mountains and inclines, you can always enjoy the stunning views in Betws instead.
Easily accessible by road at just an hour away from Conwy, you can reach Betws Y Coed via the Waterloo Bridge which was built all the way back in 1815. There’s a real sense of archaism to be had when you stroll around this gorgeous village and it will be a wel…