Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas at Caravan Parks in North Wales

Snow on Caernarfon
You might think caravan parks in North Wales are only suitable for summer holiday but that is where you are wrong.

A few of the premier caravan parks in North Wales like Coed Helen Holiday Park in Caernarfon go the extra mile to offer just as much entertainment for you and the family in winter as they do in summer.

Its stunning surrounding Caernarfon countryside offers beautiful views of coastal North Wales, which looks just as breath-taking whether drenched in sunshine or sparkling with frost.

If the views and surrounding Snowdonia tourist attractions to the east were not enough Coed Helen prides itself on offering the ultimate holiday experience at any time of the year.

In the summer there is the outdoor pool and sun terrace but in the winter there is a whole host of fabulous Christmas themed events just around the corner. Whether you love the culture of Galeri Caernarfon or the historical fun of the steam trains the region has something very special to offer you at this festive time. The Galeri hosts spectacular exhibitions, which are the perfect indoor activity in the cooler months as well as a charming Christmas Fayre to keep you feeling jolly.

Even the local steam train attractions are getting in on the theme by hosting Victorian Christmas railway trips complete with Santa, elves, mulled wine and mice pies.

Coed Helen Caravan Park in North Wales is well known for hosting its own excellent events. In October event year there is an exciting Halloween party that all the kids go crazy for and of course coming up over the next month is the hotly anticipated annual New Year’s Eve party.

With Christmas in the air and so much to enjoy at Coed Helen why not book your perfect get away right now and avoid the festive season rush.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Gwledd Conwy Feast 2014

Food Festival
The 2014 Gwledd Conwy Feast takes place this weekend (25th and 26th October). This is one of the biggest and most loved annual events in North Wales especially if you love food, music and art.

The Conwy Feast actually has grown so big it covers several areas. The Conwy Quay is where most of the delicious food halls can be found. With over 150 food stalls to sample from you will be full by the end of the day. These halls are the perfect places to get gifts and try something new. In addition to the main food halls there are vendors selling delightful street food and the always hotly anticipated beer and champagne tent. Look out for the option of Oysters to add with your glass of bubbly.

The chef’s demonstrations take place at Vicarage Gardens, along with children’s cooking classes, even more champagne options, the vegetable plot and the farming for food marquee. New to the feast this year is the opportunity to discover traditional Welsh building skills.

The Farmer’s Market on Lancaster Square in Conwy is where the local food producers get to show off their stuff so do not miss out on getting your hands on all the freshest, locally grown and raised produce.

Food is the heart of this event but you can expect other great attractions too, including the Arts Banquet, which will be a massive visual feast for all. The music line up for this year is incredible as Friday Night brings us The Secret at 7:30pm, Sera at 8:30pm, Secret Shows at 9:30pm and Sarah and the Unusuals at 11pm. On Saturday enjoy the acoustic melodies of Gavin Mart at 2pm, Awen Thomas at 3pm, The Wee Bag Band at 4pm, Mostly Blues at 5pm, Wil Williams & The Continentals at 6pm, Svengali at 7pm, Tacsi at 9:15 and finally Banda Bacana at 10:30pm. Sunday finishes off with Open Mic day until 2pm when the Wee Bag Band will perform again, Aziz Hero and The Harp are on at 3pm and the event completes with Ronstadt Generations at 4pm.

A special feature this year will be the firework display on Saturday night. This will take place from 8pm-9:15pm

With so much to get stuck into, food and otherwise, make sure you make the trip to Conwy for a truly unforgettable and enjoyable weekend.

If you are visiting North Wales especially for the feast and are looking for accommodation the Cae Mor Seafront Hotel in Llandudno is only a short 13 minutes’ drive from the feast venue. It is a great choice if you want peace and quiet after a long day exploring the feast but are still only a quick and convenient journey from the heart of the action. It is a beautiful Llandudno hotel with views of the bay, it offers pet friendly accommodation and rooms for those with mobility issues.

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Films Showing near West Point Beach Resort this Month

Lego X-Men
Situated along the coast of North Wales, West Point Beach Resort is blessed with a beautiful location and also many nearby attractions and activities for people of all ages to enjoy. One such attraction is the fantastic Galeri Caernarfon: the place to be if you fancy some cinema this month.

Whether you’re with the young ones, on a date or just relaxing by yourself, any of these great films are sure to excite and delight you. From giant lizards to talking parrots, here’s what to get stuck into:

Rio 2 – 22nd of July – 1100, 1400, 1800
The sequel to the smash hit 2011 film, Rio 2 sees the return of Blu & friends as they try and traverse the Amazonian rainforest.  

With plenty of A-listers lending their voices to the animated picture, there will be lots for the youngsters to enjoy as it plays through the day on the 22nd of July.

Godzilla – 23rd of July – 1100, 1400, 1930
The early monster hit of the summer comes to Galeri Caernarfon and is sure to make its presence known.

You all know the story of Godzilla but Gareth Edwards’ modern reimagining puts an updated spin on the giant lizard. Might not be suitable for children of all ages thanks to scenes of destruction aplenty.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 – 1st of August – 1100, 1400
Five years have passed since the events of the original film and Hiccup & co seem to be living prosperously with their new favourite dragons. However, two strangers threaten the peace of Dale and its inhabitants which leads to an almighty finale.

Suitable for children but there are some scary scene so caution is advised.

Calvary – 13th of August – 1400, 1930
A film far more grounded in reality than the others covered so far, Calvary stars the indomitable Brendan Gleeson as a priest who is threatened during confession.

With a star turn from Gleeson and a dark subject matter, this one is just for the grownups on the 13th of August.

X-Men: Days of Future Past – 27th of August – 1400, 1930
Your last chance to catch some mutant action in cinemas, Days of Future Past has been acclaimed as the best X-Men in many years with original director back in the director’s chair.

With scenes of violence and bad language, this might be unsuitable for children aged under 12.

For more information on any of these films, contact Galeri on 01286 685222 or email

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Walking in Snowdonia

Holiday Homes Snowdonia
One of the main reasons tourists visit Snowdonia year after year is to wander and explore the many wonders of the natural landscape. Snowdonia is renowned for having some of the most breathtaking views in the UK. It is filled with remarkable forests, woodland, hills, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and mountain ranges.

Palewood Holiday Park North Wales is one of the best holiday parks in the region near Bala Lake, Wales’ largest natural lake. It has a five star rating and offers a uniquely beautiful surrounding for its residents.  There are wildlife ponds, fishing and plenty of fun for the whole family.

For many years, Palewood Holiday Park in Snowdonia has been well known for their commitment to the environment. It is one of the very best accommodations to stay at in Snowdonia if you want to see wildlife and natural foliage. The park has even been awarded the prestigious David Bellamy Gold Award for Conservation for over a decade!

Palewood Holiday Park Snowdonia is ideal for those looking to buy the perfect home away from home in North Wales. You have a wide variety of choice with many different holiday homes, lodges or caravans for sale. The park provides a stunning, peaceful setting for its residents and there is a holiday home to suit most budgets so pop down and have a browse.

In Snowdonia there are so many areas to explore including Mount Snowdon and the surrounding mountain range if you prefer an adventure a little off the beaten track. The woodlands provide the perfect opportunity for outdoor sports including mountain biking, gorge walking, kayaking and much more. Snowdonia is also never more than a short drive from the coast. Coastal Snowdonia offers the sight of breath taking cliffs and plenty of water sports such as jet skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing.   

Snowdonia is also famous for hosting some of the best music festivals in the UK including Wakestock in July and Festival Number 6 in September so there is always something going on to enjoy whatever the weather at Palewood Holiday Park in Bala, North Wales.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Quaint Village of Betws Y Coed

Waterloo Bridge in Betws Y Coed
As soon as you step out the door of your charming bed and breakfast in Betws Y Coed, there’s a whole day of exploring that you simply have to jump right into as it’s one of the most idyllic regions across the whole of North Wales.

Translated to English as “Prayer house in the wood”, Betws is a true hidden gem of the north of Wales and with an estimated population of just 600, you can be assured that there are fewer more peaceful places to enjoy a day out in.

Located in the Snowdonia National Park, it is the perfect starting point for any who want to venture around the reserve itself. If you don’t fancy the heft trek up one of Snowdonia’s fearsome mountains and inclines, you can always enjoy the stunning views in Betws instead.

Easily accessible by road at just an hour away from Conwy, you can reach Betws Y Coed via the Waterloo Bridge which was built all the way back in 1815. There’s a real sense of archaism to be had when you stroll around this gorgeous village and it will be a welcome distraction from the day to day hustle and bustle of city life.

There are few sights that can hold a candle to that of the Llyn Elsi reservoir, particularly during a sunny day where the slow stream can be quite cathartic as it eases by.  Possibly the most gorgeous sight of all however, is that of the River Llugwy which passes through the majority of the village, offering plenty of opportunities for scenic walks for all. Also, the village green is an expansive and great location for resting on or trying your hand at some activities.

A couple other landmark sights of Betws Y Coed include the Conwy Valley Railway Museum that can boast an amazing miniature railway and also St Michaels Chuch which is a superb vestige of a time long passed.

There are many delightful coffee huts and shops for you to wander into during your travels as although Betws does have a relatively small population, it has and always will be a popular destination for travellers from far and wide. If you’re thinking of setting off into the depths of the Snowdonia National Park, why not investigate one of the great hiking shops available to you beforehand.

These are just a few of the options available to you on your travels and it's always recommended to delve into the magic of Betws and uncover some real gems yourself!

Friday, 28 February 2014

The Best Caravan Sites in Llandudno

Holiday Park Indoor Pools
Llandudno is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Wales and Berthlwyde caravan site in Llandudno offers you a whole new perspective of the area.

Most coming to Llandudno are in the habit of only staying in the hotels and while this gives you a fine holiday experiences it is very different from staying on caravan sites in Llandudno.

If you choose to stay in one of the best caravan sites in the Llandudno area you still have access to all the best facilities and can enjoy the qualities of the town while having your accommodation located in the peaceful countryside surrounding Llandudno. Staying in the town centre does not give you insight into the gorgeous natural areas in North Wales. Llandudno may be a town but it is set in the heart of North Wales’ rolling country. Nearby you will find mountains, hills, meadows, woodland and all within easy travel distance of the bustling town. Staying in caravan sites in Llandudno means you are only a few minutes from all the bets shopping, events and restaurants but you can retire to peaceful natural areas and breath-taking views. 

Staying at caravan sites also gives you more access to the local outdoor sports scene. Llandudno is home to a fantastic golf club and being on the coast the best water sports are available such as sailing, snorkelling and more.

Naturally the very best caravan sites in Llandudno have more than just a place to park caravans they offer a whole holiday package so you may never want to leave the park itself. Several have indoor swimming pools, their own saunas and spas, sun terraces and plenty of onsite sports facilities too.  

The benefit of caravan parks over hotels is that you get a more mixed holiday. The luxury and facilities of a hotel while staying close to natural and the beautiful scenery.

Visit for access to the town of Llandudno and the peace of the countryside during your holiday as well as an indoor pool and top facilities.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Events in Anglesey this February 2014

Anglesey Camping | Snowdrops
Why would you want to enjoy camping in Anglesey's St David's Holiday Park in February? February is still part of winter and the weather can be rough so many do not consider camping do be the ideal holiday option.

Most people leave camping until the summer time. The weather is somewhat more reliable and warmer but this could lead to you having the same kind of holiday every year. Why not try something a bit different. Every winter we stay cooped up inside getting no exercise and not seeing any of the beautiful landscape around us. Only those who work in outdoor jobs or take part in plenty of winter exercise get to see just how beautiful February in Anglesey really is.

Anyone who works in conservation in Anglesey will tell you that you are most definitely missing out if you do not take the opportunity to enjoy Anglesey in every season, including February.

Camping in Anglesey in February could present you with a wholly new kind of holiday experience. Wrap up in warm clothes and cuddle up with a hot chocolate looking out over the incredibly dramatic panoramic views of the winter sea from Anglesey Bays. You may well see some marine wildlife coming down from the Arctic seas to make use of, what seems them, warmer winter waters. Plenty of land wildlife will be out and about including Anglesey’s shy red squirrels, owls, foxes, badgers and much more. The winter cold drives some animals into hibernation but many feel more confident to walk about freely as there are less people and predators on the prowl.

Naturally February brings beautiful sights such as carpets of snowdrops on the woodland floors. Late dawns give ample opportunity to watch a sunrise in colourful frost filled skies.

One of the best reasons to go camping in Anglesey this February is, as well as all the nature, all the great events. Beginning on the second of February is National Story Telling Week at Beaumaris Castle. Beaumaris is a stunning historical monument on Anglesey in a remarkable and charming town on the sea. North Wales has a history of beautiful mythic stories and the National Storytelling week honours that tradition. It encourages people to remember the importance of oral story telling in ancient Welsh culture.  Drop by Beaumaris Castle on the 2nd of February and listen to some ancient Welsh stories. Tickets are £4.50 for adults and £3.40 for children.

Throughout February there is also the chance to make the most out of our beautiful Anglesey snowdrops. Every Sunday between the 2nd of February and the 23rd of February you can head to Menai Brige Estate gardens between 12-4p and see the beautiful landscapes gardens bursting with snowdops. A great deal of work has gone into restoring these fantastic gardens and they are a true jewel of the isle. The garden has three areas for you to admire. There is a large walled garden, a valley garden which contains waterfalls and the upper woodland garden for a more natural atmosphere. There is also a charming tea room for when you need a break from the cool February air.

Camping in Anglesey this February presents a stunning landscape to admire that you may think you know but have not yet appreciated its varied changes throughout the different season.

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