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What to Expect When Travelling With E Cigarettes

E Cigarettes are taking the world by storm right now, however does that mean that you can inhale them everywhere? This article is for the travelling vapour, what you should expect, and how to prepare when travelling abroad with one.
Rules and Regulations are different in every country, so make sure you research beforehand. If the country you’re travelling to does not accept e cigarettes and other variations as a social norm, you may want to consider what you take with you.
The airport is a place where travellers have to spend a lot of time and surely you will want to use your e cigarette. However it would be horrible if your trusty Innokin e cigs were confiscated, for that reason it might be a good idea to bring a disposable one with you and have your main vape tucked away in your luggage.  
Don’t take extra refills on the flight with you, only take exactly what you need which is a partially filled E plain E-cigarette.
Also consider if having your high tech vape is appropriate when o…