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Caravan Parks North Wales and Dogs

During your stay at some caravan parks North Wales getaways, you may not be able to bring along your furry friend, meaning it’s more expensive to have them cared for when you take a trip. Thankfully, after realising that there are so many brilliant local paths to walk your dog along, the Snowdonia Society are holding a special dog walk this November.

Any dog lover will know it’s hard to be separated from your beloved pooch when you journey on your holidays but with the right caravan park, there’s no reason why they can’t come along and join in the fun!
Situated in the idyllic and simply beautiful Gwydyr Forest, this enchanting excursion is sure to delight you and your dog on a challenging but highly enjoyable route.
Taking in all there is to admire of the Conwy Valley, the two hours you spend exploring the greenery of this beloved forest will be unforgettable as you pass Llyn Glangors on the 3rd of November.

Caernarfon Events and Luxury Holiday Parks

Holiday parks in North Wales like Coed Helen are becoming increasingly popular. There are now some very luxurious and fashionable holiday parks set in picturesque Snowdonia wilderness near mountains, forests and lakes with top quality facilities such as heated outdoor pools and restaurants. There are trendy lodges, caravans and holiday homes that look more like stylish studio flats with their lavish decors, flat screen televisions, spacious layouts and panoramic views of the North Wales countryside.

Some of the best holiday parks North Wales are set in Caernarfon. This is an ideal location for a top holiday park because of the beautiful location. Holiday parks in Caernarfon are situated right between the lush, green surroundings of Snowdonia on one side and the pristine and dramatically gorgeous North Wales coast on the other. They are near nature, native forest dwelling and marine wildlife and great events throughout the year.

People often make the mistake of believing holiday parks…