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It’s a very widely accepted fact that Llandudno offers the absolute best Afternoon Teas in North Wales, and even with this considered, there’s one question that remains to even the most veteran Afternoon Tea enthusiasts. Where is the best place to get Afternoon Tea in Llandudno? It’s a tricky one, and one that can only be answered with extensive… research. Tasty, tasty research. Finding the perfect Afternoon Tea in Llandudno is a hard job... but someone’s got to do it.
We were fortunate enough to go onto an Afternoon Tea binge throughout Llandudno, visiting places small and large in order to get the best afternoon tea in Llandudno that we could. We judged the quality of our afternoon tea by a number of factors: namely the quantity and freshness of sandwiches, as well as anything which made said sandwiches stand out – such as home made bread or fillings. The appeal of the desserts were also judged, and also the selection of teas to hand.
We also kept our eyes peeled for any features w…