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Experience Snowdonia in a Cosy Cottage

If you’re looking for a tranquil retreat to spend some much-needed relaxation time, Snowdonia is the perfect location. Throughout your stay you’ll be surrounded by lush natural Welsh countryside and wild mountain ranges. If this sounds like a location you could relax in, it’s only right you should select an equally as tranquil hotel or self-catering Snowdonia cottage to stay at during your visit.

The Oakeley Arms 4 Star Hotel in Snowdonia is situated within the heart of Snowdonia. This beautiful hotel is bordered by deep woodland, yet is close enough to the local amenities. Located in the historic mining town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, there are plenty of sightseeing opportunities and exciting activities to try during your visit.

The Oakeley Arms also have six very cosy self-catering Snowdonia cottages available to stay in. Named after the local mountains and rivers, these cottages have everything you need for a truly relaxing week away.

These once derelict stables have been expertly re…

The Lands End to John O’Groats Cycle Challenge!

The Lands End to John O’Groats cycle challenge should be attempted at least once by every avid cyclist. This 1000 mile journey takes 12 days to complete, making it a rather tough challenge! Some days of the journey you’ll be cycling an average of around 100 miles, so it’s best to intensely prepare yourself beforehand for this one.

Along the way you’ll be rewarded with fantastic countryside scenery along the British Isles, including spectacular views in the Highlands and the Lake District. Cycling from one end of the UK to the other definitely earns you bragging rights – it’s no mean feat.

At the start of the journey, you’ll be right in the heart of Cornwall. That means one very tasty (and essential) thing – pasties. Stock up on traditional and authentic Cornish pasties for the first part of your journey. Those pasties are certain to give you enough energy to reach the next county. That is if you’ve not over-indulged on them!

Pasties aside, the Cornish hills will have your legs working…

Ty'n Rhos - A Five Star Weekend Break

Dark winter mornings are here, and there’s a quite a chill in the air. If you’ve spent the past few weeks waking up to very limited sunlight and then spent the rest of the day looking out to a glum sky – it’s likely you’ve been dreaming of taking a break, especially somewhere warm and cosy.

Why not book yourself into a Snowdonia hotel? You’ll be surrounded by a gorgeous and dramatic landscape, whilst sitting incredibly comfortably in a luxurious hotel room. If this sounds like your cup of tea, Ty’n Rhos might just be the hotel for you.

Ty’n Rhos, is a country house in Snowdonia, which offers you a truly deluxe and five star hotel experience.

They also have a fantastic restaurant on site, which serves delicious meals from a menu that is updated daily. Some previous dishes have included pan roasted silver hake, deluxe surf and turf, and a butternut squash and sage ravioli.

Ty’n Rhos currently have a fantastic offer on their rooms. Between the dates of 1st November and 28th February 2017, t…

Caravan Park Owners: Is Your Solicitor Truly On Your Side?

North Wales is very well known for providing fun family holidays for thousands upon thousands of people every year, and there’s a large variety of parks within this lovely area in order for people to pack up the car, the kids and the dog, and shoot off for a week or two in a home away from home while enjoying traditional entertainments such as the seaside. (Or even the non-traditional!)
However, running a holiday park is a pretty difficult and daunting matter. The day to day of a caravan park is some very, very hard work – and having a solicitor in North Wales that understands  just how difficult things can be is absolutely vital when it comes to getting your business started, followed through thoroughly and properly concluded.
Swayne Johnson Solicitors are based in multiple sites throughout North Wales such as convenient to reach places like Llandudno and St Asaph – and they’re there for you every step of the way. With this firm, if something crops up you won’t be placed on a soul-dest…

Enjoy the wonders of Conwy in style

You might be forgiven for not hearing of Humphreys Holidays before. That’s because the venture is rather new, but the formula for it’s success is tried and tested. The brainchild of hospitality professionals Jane and Justin Humphreys, Humphreys Holidays offers its clientele something very special indeed. Featuring two beautiful properties, with all bells and whistles included to make your stay very special, Humphreys Holidays have exactly what you want in mind - Whether it's a charming holiday cottage in Conwy or otherwise, you'll be spoiled for choice!
Until you’ve stayed within the beautiful North Wales region in the absolute luxury of your very own high-specification holiday cottage in Conwy, you haven’t quite made the best out of a break here. Both offerings Humphreys Holidays provide have everything you could ever need to spend quality time with a loved one – and all the attention to detail you’d demand to ensure that your stay is absolutely marvellous and something that …

The Best Accommodation Deal in Llandudno?

We love hunting for bargains, and it’s always a joy to save a significant amount of money by putting in a little bit of effort and digging around to find the very best deals we can. We’re found an absolute steal within the lovely seaside town of Llandudno, and it’s courtesy of the Cae Mor Hotel, one of the prime seafront hotels in Llandudno.
If you book directly with the Cae Mor Hotel, you’ll be treated to a completely and entirely free £15 restaurant voucher for use in their rather respected, intimate Othello’s restaurant on the ground floor. Decorated very handsomely and in keeping with the hotel (and Llandudno’s) chic Victorian aesthetic, you’ll be delighted to find that their menus are rather good.
There’s another marvellous deal to be had when you book at the Cae Mor Hotel in Llandudno. Should you receive a voucher, you can also be treated to a free glass of prosecco each – entirely and absolutely free should you book a table of 2 or more. What’s dinner without a little fizz, after…

Make Your Holiday Last All Year Round

Holidays. The blessed two weeks where you can pack up the car, the kids, and the dog for two weeks of somewhere new, and somewhere away from the rat race of work, sleep, work, sleep, work and sleep. So many of us look forward to this utterly sacred time of year, and we always lament when they’re over. But did you know that you can make your holiday last however long you want it to, by taking a look at some seriously good caravans for sale in North Wales?
We know that you’ve heard it all before. “Buy now, pay next year” offers are all well and good, but what if it comes down to your holiday in the summer being fantastic and excellent, and an odd weekend away in the middle of winter is anything but? The British tourism industry is going from strength to strength indeed, but some places in wintertime are… well, desolate.
Thankfully, we’ve got a really good tip for you in the form of Snowdonia, North Wales. It’s an amazing region with year round things to do – which you wouldn’t get in …

Christmas In Wales

Christmas Dinner is our favourite type of dinner, and we’re rather fond of a good turkey (or goose!) with all of the trimmings, and an excellent Christmas Pudding. Yet, we’ve never really attempted to spend Christmas anywhere but at home. But as the kids have grown up and moved away, and have their own lives, we can’t help but feel a little at a loss at this time of year, with all manner of goings on all around us and things to do, but not much of an idea on what exactly appeals to us… or what we’re supposed to do.
When we were approached about spending Christmas in the heart of North Wales, within a luxury, boutique Country House Hotel in Caernarfon, we were immediately interested. After all, who wouldn’t value a holiday at Christmastime? The Ty’n Rhos Country House sits upon an open field, and benefits from a very good position between Bangor and Caernarfon. And, their Christmas events are better described as a Christmas Spectacular, to be frank.
We arrived at 2pm on the dot to a …

The Llandudno Summer Ice Rink Is Due To Close Soon – Don’t Miss Out!

Llandudno is a fantastic destination for your summer holiday. It’s a wonderful town, originally purpose-built for tourism in 1848. It attracted a number of revellers back then, and absolutely hasn’t lost any of it’s sparkle since. With careful maintenance as well as a number of some seriously fun things to do in the surrounding areas, Llandudno fully deserves it’s title of the Queen of Welsh resorts and is the largest seaside town within Wales. This prestigious title is helped in no small part by the array of fantastic hotels in Llandudno which line the wonderfully clean and carefully maintained shoreline – truly a spectacular sight to behold when the sun’s out and the sea and skies are blue.
That, after all, is what is to be expected from a holiday by the seaside, isn’t it? Llandudno has it in abundance. An excellent marriage of history and progressiveness, sun, sea, sky and – an ice rink?
Believe it or not, it’s true. Or at the very least, it’ll be true for August. Venue Cymru, situat…

A Dog Friendly Getaway in Snowdonia

We love nothing more than being able to holiday away, taking time away for ourselves from our busy day to day lives. This time is important.  In fact, psychologists regard holidays a source of happiness and an essential for quality of life (Filep, 2012; Richards, 1999).  With our busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to make time for ourselves and our loved ones (pets included).  When leaving your dogs with the kennels just doesn’t seem like the right choice for someone who considers them as much part of their family as children. For you, a dog friendly getaway is the answer. And what could be better for you and your dogs than beautiful Snowdonia, North Wales. The mountains, the lush green forest backdrops and the calming sound of nearby rivers make the best relaxing environment for you and your pets. It’s a good thing there’s plenty of dog friendly accommodation in Snowdonia to give you the best possible stay.
The principal village in Snowdonia is Betws-y-Coed. Due to its exceptional b…

Surf The Conwy Valley!

The Conwy Valley and surrounding region of Snowdonia and North Wales offer so very much to see, do and experience, we struggle to think of how anyone could fit it all on a typical break. The Year of Adventure is very much is full swing, with a multitude of thrill seekers arriving from England, Europe, and even wider to experience this beautifully underrated holiday treasure-trove. Hotels in Conwy and the surrounding areas are prepped, equipped and ready to provide a great experience for thrillseekers that need a bit of down time on their adventure.
Surf Snowdonia is an excellent (and certainly unique) thing to do in North Wales, and we’re huge fans of it and it’s amazing Crash and Splash Lagoon, which is a real opportunity to go head-to-head against friends or family (or both) and put your agility, determination and balance to the ultimate test against a sea of obstacles. Whether it’s giant spinning balls, monkey bars, climbing walls, rope bridges or balance beams, it’s unbelievably fu…

A Luxury Dog Friendly Experience

We enjoy going on holiday with our pets, and it just doesn’t seem right to drop them with friends and family when we’re off about and around, leaving our dogs in particular to pine. Some of us
report that we don’t really enjoy going away as much with the consideration of our dogs left at home or in a kennel. On the other side of the coin, we’re not exactly fond of staying at “dog friendly” hotels, as they have a reputation for being quite… chewed. If you’re looking for a premium dog friendly hotel in Caernarfon, we have a treat for you, and your best friend as well.
The Tyn Rhos Country House is accommodation set in a stellar location, just between Bangor and Carnarfon—with close proximity to the gorgeous Snowdonia region as well as being a mere 5 miles away from the gateway to Anglesey – the Menai Bridge. Graded with Visit Wales’ prestigious 5 star rating, we couldn’t believe our eyes that the Country House is dog-friendly. It’s a beautiful location to sight-see the whole of the North …

Llandudno Voted Top Seaside Resort in the UK By TripAdvisor!

We do like to be beside the seaside, especially so when said seaside is anything alike Llandudno, in North Wales. Llandudno seems to be breaking the trend of desolate, uninhabited, grey and bleary towns on the sea that seem to inspire nothing but despair, and instead is a shining, beautiful example of how care, attention, and constant improvement can break the silly notion that holidays in the UK are dead. It’s really not the case and Llandudno in particular proves it– the most iconic feature of this beautiful town being the gorgeous Victorian Seafront Hotels in Llandudno , set upon the gorgeously clean North beach.

Why does Llandudno have so many fantastic period buildings? Originally created as a resort in Victorian times and functioning as one ever since, Llandudno thankfully managed to escape most of World War II’s bombings, and as such, the constant attention and care paid to these gorgeous buildings has meant that they have remained fully operational, and chock full of stunning …

Fine Dining In North Wales

North Wales is a bountiful and beautiful region, that has it’s roots in slate manufacture and coal mining, and a slew of outdoorsy activities for those so inclined. It’s premier seaside resort, Llandudno recently won TripAdvisor’s Best Seaside Resort of 2016, trouncing competition from England and Wales. Yet moving away from shambling up mountains and the inevitable pull of the seaside, did you know that there’s a hidden jewel for all self-respecting gourmets located just between Bangor and Caernarfon? Fine Dining restaurants in Caernarfon? Really?

Absolutely. The Tyn Rhos Country House has a vast menu, which is changed out daily, as their commitment to sourcing good, local fare of the absolute highest quality is paramount. Their team of Michelin starred chefs source their ingredients daily, in order to guarantee dining of the absolute highest quality for all of their lucky patrons. To enjoy a meal at the Tyn Rhos is a very special thing. Their venue is small and intimate, tastefully …

A Trip To Llandudno’s Voted Best Hotel

Llandudno is a lovely place, a town that got it’s bearings from being purpose-built for the season and built for tourism. The years have come and gone, but Llandudno stands proud and aside from other seaside towns in the UK by the virtue of the fact that it is still very fit for purpose. A large part of this ideal is Llandudno's row of lovingly and painstakingly maintained Llandudno Seafront Hotels that have catered to those that demand a high quality, luxurious experience for over 150 years - and have been looked after enough to offer the same high-quality experiences for 150 more. Although Llandudno is undoubtedly a wonderful place to be, it is a tiny town. It’s not that special…. Or is it?

It absolutely is. Llandudno has recently been named the UK’s Number One Seaside Resort, beating the likes of Brighton, Blackpool and Torquay to this prestigious number one spot. It’s fabulous combination of clean beaches, fascinating history, the Great and the Little Ormes and close proximity …

Your Hen or Stag In North Wales

Llanrwst is known for many things. Great proximity to Bodnant Gardens. Some of the best hotels in Betws y Coed . Even closer proximity to the wonderful Zip World Fforest, as well as a vast assortment of other attractions to make it a great destination for multiple things. But Stag and Hen parties? Break the mold for yours, and have yours in North Wales. There’s a variety of things to do to make it a considerable leap up from just a night out.

22.7 km away from the wonderful area of Llanrwst in the neighbouring town of Cerrigydrudion, is an exhilarating go-kart track. Certainly not small or rickety, or anything even remotely resembling a hairdryer- GYG Karting provides a fantastic F1 racing experience for you, your family, and your friends. Have you considered taking advantage of their package deals to host a stag or a hen party?

Stag or hens party packages provide exclusive hire of their wonderful 1100m MSA approved British Circuit for 8-19 drivers; with racing suits and helmets provide…

The Very Best Places to Stay for Zip World

Zip world is one of the very best attractions in North Wales, and features a unique day out that is suitable for all the family. With the fact that Zip World has expanded to three locations, one day often isn’t enough in order to get the full experience! There are a number of caravan parks in North Wales and Snowdonia, some less than 10 minutes away from the site itself. Here’s our pick of the very best places to stay in the region, to take advantage of all Zip World’s three sites have to offer.

1 – Ogwen Bank Holiday Park and Country Club

Ogwen Bank is certainly a cut above your regular holiday park experience within North Wales, boasting a massive variety of luxury lodges, gigantic 3-bed caravans and a glamping option with the seriously cool Swift S-Pod Camping Pods, which offer an experience just like home, only in the heart of the Snowdonia Countryside. That, and the Ogwen Bank Holiday Park and Country Club has access to the leisure facilities at Seiont Manor and free golf at Bango…

A Premium Wine Experience In North Wales

We’re big fans of the North Wales region. Home to countless hotels and some truly special scenery—nothing really takes away from the fact that once, it wasn’t exactly… bustling. Where once the region was considered quite sparse and with absolutely nothing in it’s trajectory other than walking, walking, climbing, and more walking, the region has undergone an extensive sprucing up over the past ten years. We’re seven months into the region’s Year of Adventure, and while some prefer to spend their Year of Adventure climbing up mountains and engaging in a large manner of general outdoorsy activity, we prefer to spend our Year of Adventure with a trip to some fine dining restaurants in Caernarfon!
The Tyn Rhos Country House is very prominent in the region of Caernarfon, Bangor, and nearby Snowdonia, with food that’s truly and utterly amazing. We were stunned to learn that their menus are changed daily, depending on what local fare the chefs can source that very day! Freshness, quality, and …

Adventure Activities in North Wales