Surf The Conwy Valley!

The Conwy Valley and surrounding region of Snowdonia and North Wales offer so very much to see, do and experience, we struggle to think of how anyone could fit it all on a typical break. The Year of Adventure is very much is full swing, with a multitude of thrill seekers arriving from England, Europe, and even wider to experience this beautifully underrated holiday treasure-trove. Hotels in Conwy and the surrounding areas are prepped, equipped and ready to provide a great experience for thrillseekers that need a bit of down time on their adventure.

Surf Snowdonia is an excellent (and certainly unique) thing to do in North Wales, and we’re huge fans of it and it’s amazing Crash and Splash Lagoon, which is a real opportunity to go head-to-head against friends or family (or both) and put your agility, determination and balance to the ultimate test against a sea of obstacles. Whether it’s giant spinning balls, monkey bars, climbing walls, rope bridges or balance beams, it’s unbelievably fun and an excellent way to make some memories.

But what about after the sun’s gone down, the lagoon is closed, and you’re after a nice, quiet place to relax and refuel? There is excellent accommodation to hand (and certainly a step above pitching a tent or retiring to a cramped pod) with the nearby Groes Inn, less than 15 minutes drive away. Situated between Ty’n-y-Groes and Rowen, this historic inn offers a real high-quality experience in it’s beautiful coach house that dates back to the 15th Century – known as the oldest Inn in Wales.

History bleeds from this attractive place, be it the aged vines that cover the pretty exterior (we wonder how old they in particular are…) or even its very pretty pub and charming layout that’s stuffed full of the character features you can only expect in a place like Wales. Handsome, charming, and certainly something special if you’re travelling with someone special, the Groes Inn is a gigantic leap upward from being cramped up in most camping pods and is close enough to Dolgarrog and Surf Snowdonia, that it’s not an ordeal taking your board and just going.