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A Trip To Llandudno’s Voted Best Hotel

Llandudno is a lovely place, a town that got it’s bearings from being purpose-built for the season and built for tourism. The years have come and gone, but Llandudno stands proud and aside from other seaside towns in the UK by the virtue of the fact that it is still very fit for purpose. A large part of this ideal is Llandudno's row of lovingly and painstakingly maintained Llandudno Seafront Hotels that have catered to those that demand a high quality, luxurious experience for over 150 years - and have been looked after enough to offer the same high-quality experiences for 150 more. Although Llandudno is undoubtedly a wonderful place to be, it is a tiny town. It’s not that special…. Or is it?

It absolutely is. Llandudno has recently been named the UK’s Number One Seaside Resort, beating the likes of Brighton, Blackpool and Torquay to this prestigious number one spot. It’s fabulous combination of clean beaches, fascinating history, the Great and the Little Ormes and close proximity …

Your Hen or Stag In North Wales

Llanrwst is known for many things. Great proximity to Bodnant Gardens. Some of the best hotels in Betws y Coed . Even closer proximity to the wonderful Zip World Fforest, as well as a vast assortment of other attractions to make it a great destination for multiple things. But Stag and Hen parties? Break the mold for yours, and have yours in North Wales. There’s a variety of things to do to make it a considerable leap up from just a night out.

22.7 km away from the wonderful area of Llanrwst in the neighbouring town of Cerrigydrudion, is an exhilarating go-kart track. Certainly not small or rickety, or anything even remotely resembling a hairdryer- GYG Karting provides a fantastic F1 racing experience for you, your family, and your friends. Have you considered taking advantage of their package deals to host a stag or a hen party?

Stag or hens party packages provide exclusive hire of their wonderful 1100m MSA approved British Circuit for 8-19 drivers; with racing suits and helmets provide…

The Very Best Places to Stay for Zip World

Zip world is one of the very best attractions in North Wales, and features a unique day out that is suitable for all the family. With the fact that Zip World has expanded to three locations, one day often isn’t enough in order to get the full experience! There are a number of caravan parks in North Wales and Snowdonia, some less than 10 minutes away from the site itself. Here’s our pick of the very best places to stay in the region, to take advantage of all Zip World’s three sites have to offer.

1 – Ogwen Bank Holiday Park and Country Club

Ogwen Bank is certainly a cut above your regular holiday park experience within North Wales, boasting a massive variety of luxury lodges, gigantic 3-bed caravans and a glamping option with the seriously cool Swift S-Pod Camping Pods, which offer an experience just like home, only in the heart of the Snowdonia Countryside. That, and the Ogwen Bank Holiday Park and Country Club has access to the leisure facilities at Seiont Manor and free golf at Bango…

A Premium Wine Experience In North Wales

We’re big fans of the North Wales region. Home to countless hotels and some truly special scenery—nothing really takes away from the fact that once, it wasn’t exactly… bustling. Where once the region was considered quite sparse and with absolutely nothing in it’s trajectory other than walking, walking, climbing, and more walking, the region has undergone an extensive sprucing up over the past ten years. We’re seven months into the region’s Year of Adventure, and while some prefer to spend their Year of Adventure climbing up mountains and engaging in a large manner of general outdoorsy activity, we prefer to spend our Year of Adventure with a trip to some fine dining restaurants in Caernarfon!
The Tyn Rhos Country House is very prominent in the region of Caernarfon, Bangor, and nearby Snowdonia, with food that’s truly and utterly amazing. We were stunned to learn that their menus are changed daily, depending on what local fare the chefs can source that very day! Freshness, quality, and …

Adventure Activities in North Wales


The Welsh Robin Hood and The War Of The Roses

For such a small, scenic and pretty village, Llanrwst certainly has an amazing history. Llanrwst's main trade is tourism, and there's certainly enough local and mythical legend surrounding the region for Llanrwst to do very well out of North Wales' booming tourism industry. Llanrwst is very much an attraction in itself, boasting picturesque sights, engaging and fantastic walks, and a few very fantastic hotels in Llanrwst. Llanrwst's history is vast and expansive, and one of the more factual accounts is quite unknown to most. The story of Dafydd ap Siencyn is fascinating, and he has earned the moniker "The Welsh Robin Hood" by visitors and historians alike. Dafydd ap Siencyn was reported to have been an outlaw poet, which was actually directly descended from Owain Glyndwr (on his his mother's side - that lady known as Margaret, daughter of Rhys, Son of Rhys Gethin, the son of Owain Glyndwr.) Dafydd ap Siencyn was a partisan for the Lancastrian side w…