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Seasonal Touring Pitches North Wales

There is only a few days left until Christmas and you cannot think of the perfect Christmas gift well why not choose something extra special that the whole family can enjoy? Seasonal touring pitches North Wales are a gift your family can get benefit from every year. You can enjoy a beautiful holiday home in the countryside and make some wonderful holiday memories.

The best thing about seasonal touring pitches North Wales is you can access your holiday home throughout the open park season at your chosen holiday park. Exclusive seasonal touring pitches allow you to make the most of your holiday home by giving you access to come and go as you please for holidays within the open park season.

Seasonal touring pitches are normally available for you to access for roughly eight months of the year but this varies between holiday parks.

Winter is a good time to sign the deal on your seasonal touring pitches as there are often fantastic reductions and bargains to be had. Everyone else knows …

Visiting Caravan Parks Snowdonia

When visiting Snowdonia you want accommodation that is a bargain, offers clean, comfortable surroundings and is in the heart of the natural landscape such as caravan parks Snowdonia.
There are so many attractions to visit in Snowdonia as well as exploring the mesmerising natural landscape.

Caravan parks Snowdonia provide a cheap and convenient way to explore a place that is beloved by walkers and nature lovers everywhere.

From your caravan park you might take an easy walk utilising the Bala Lake Railway which operates during the summer along the south shore of Lake Tegid and then return by walking over the hillsides south of the lake.

For train lovers or those who prefer less walking there is the Ffestiniog  Railway running between Blaenau Ffestiniog and the coast at Porthmadog.  While the Welsh Highland Railway runs between Caernarfon in the north to Porthmadog. The Llanberis Lake Railway is a steam train running alongside Lake Padarn with great views of Snowdon and passing Dolbadar…

Cottages in Anglesey

Great Escapes Wales have a range of exquisite holiday cottages in North Wales, including several on the beautiful isle of Anglesey.
Self-catering holiday cottages are an ideal way to explore the countryside and culture of North Wales.

Cottages feel like a home and give you complete freedom on your holiday or weekend getaway. You can eat whatever you like whenever you like and explore as much or as little as you want. They offer you comfort and all the facilities you could want but keep you near to the beautiful rolling countryside. They have the benefit of being completely private unlike a hotel, making cottages the ideal holiday experience for everyone.

The unique and luxurious cottages from Great Escapes Wales all have a little something that make them extra special. They are set in stunning locations with awe inspiring views and some even have charming extra features such as an indoor pool or garden tree house!

Holiday cottages in North Wales are perfect for family holidays or ro…

Caravan Parks North Wales and Dogs

During your stay at some caravan parks North Wales getaways, you may not be able to bring along your furry friend, meaning it’s more expensive to have them cared for when you take a trip. Thankfully, after realising that there are so many brilliant local paths to walk your dog along, the Snowdonia Society are holding a special dog walk this November.

Any dog lover will know it’s hard to be separated from your beloved pooch when you journey on your holidays but with the right caravan park, there’s no reason why they can’t come along and join in the fun!
Situated in the idyllic and simply beautiful Gwydyr Forest, this enchanting excursion is sure to delight you and your dog on a challenging but highly enjoyable route.
Taking in all there is to admire of the Conwy Valley, the two hours you spend exploring the greenery of this beloved forest will be unforgettable as you pass Llyn Glangors on the 3rd of November.

Caernarfon Events and Luxury Holiday Parks

Holiday parks in North Wales like Coed Helen are becoming increasingly popular. There are now some very luxurious and fashionable holiday parks set in picturesque Snowdonia wilderness near mountains, forests and lakes with top quality facilities such as heated outdoor pools and restaurants. There are trendy lodges, caravans and holiday homes that look more like stylish studio flats with their lavish decors, flat screen televisions, spacious layouts and panoramic views of the North Wales countryside.

Some of the best holiday parks North Wales are set in Caernarfon. This is an ideal location for a top holiday park because of the beautiful location. Holiday parks in Caernarfon are situated right between the lush, green surroundings of Snowdonia on one side and the pristine and dramatically gorgeous North Wales coast on the other. They are near nature, native forest dwelling and marine wildlife and great events throughout the year.

People often make the mistake of believing holiday parks…

When in Wales

When in Wales there are so many incredible things to see and do and WalesLive can guide you on this journey of discovery.  The country of Wales has inspired legends for thousands of years with its awe inspiring natural beauty, much of which is still unspoiled by man. Whether you are an artist, nature lover, walker, mountain biker or water sports enthusiast Wales offers you culture, adventure and inspiration. With all this available it can be overwhelming for a tourist to know where to start. You do not want to miss the very best of Wales.  WalesLive has current, comprehensive information about all the different activities, accommodation, events, news and adventures that are happening in Wales.

It is a holiday destination for British and international tourists alike because it is wholly different than anywhere else in the world. It is strangely varied for such a small country. This means you can easily experience all its variety without travelling for a long time between the many diffe…

Holiday Parks North Wales

Where better to find the best holiday parks North Wales than Anglesey.

If you want a beautiful, calming and exhilarating holiday experience with a difference you should head to holiday parks North Wales.

Why are holiday parks such a great holiday option and which holiday parks North Wales should you choose.
Holiday parks are ideal for families because they are so convenient. Taking the kids on holiday can be a bit of a hassle at times. Juggling work while packing for the whole family then keeping the children entertained can be more of a strain than the relaxation a holiday should be. Holiday parks are very popular with families because you can have a wonderful, inexpensive holiday in the countryside with your luxury accommodation, entertainment and great dining options, all conveniently located next to each other.

Remember when choosing holiday parks, there is a great deal of variation between them so you need to choose the best to get the most out of your holiday.

The answer to wh…

Llandudno Shows and Events!

Llandudno hotels like the beautiful seafront situated Cae Mor are gearing up for an exciting month in September! Accommodation will be filling up as people from around the UK come to witness the best of the arts here in Llandudno.

Llandudno hotels are proud to be situated in a town known for its creativity and talent. This September Llandudno is showing its artistic side with a range of great shows and events you will not want to miss.

If you desire a highly cultural holiday mixed with excitement then book Llandudno hotels soon to enjoy a variety of unusual and inspiring performances from the gorgeous seaside town of Llandudno.

Do not forget that on the 20th-22nd of September LLAWN01 is coming to Llandudno. LLAWN01 is the first Llandudno Arts Weekend. In one ultra exciting and packed weekend you can experience drama, entertainment, art and homage to Llandudno’s Victorian heritage.

This amazing micro festival will feature six bespoke replicas of 19th century Victorian style bathing m…

Check out the International Snowdon Race 2013 this July!

On July 20th, runners from across the world will compete in one of the most unique and challenging races of the UK’s running calendar.

Considered one of Europe’s toughest endurance challenges, the 10-mile race involves running from the edge of Lake Padarn in the village of Llanberis, North Wales to the highest summit in Wales and England (mount Snowdon) and back down.


Registration is open online and will automatically close when the limit of 600 runners is hit. Before you register, you must understand that the Snowdon Race is not a fun run and requires certain experience before you enter (see website). The race makes it clear that you must have experience on the mountain and compete in race, with fitness, mentally and physically essential. Registration is also open on the morning of the event at the Electric Mountain, First Hydro, Llanberis. From 9.30am to 1pm, you can go along and register for senior and junior races.

The Route

On leaving the starting area, runners follow…

Lodges for sale in Snowdonia Wonderland

There are charming caravans and lodges for sale in Snowdonia this year. Snowdonia has often been aptly described as a land beyond words.  It is a landscape that has inspired stories, art and religion for thousands of years. If you want a holiday home for those weekend getaways then Snowdonia will offer a feeling of harmony and serenity unlike anywhere else.

Do you desire a quiet cabin in the woods? A rustic lodge on a mountain side with views stretching as far as the eye can see? Or a caravan by a reed filled pond with a variety of native water birds? If this sounds like the perfect holiday for you then you will not want to miss out on the holiday homes, caravans and lodges for sale in Snowdonia right now.

Having a quaint weekend retreat in the countryside is becoming very popular once again. Many are favouring to buy lodges and caravans for themselves so they can visit whenever they want and add their own personal fashion.

You may wonder why buy a lodge when you can stay in a hotel.…

Summertime Breaks in and around Caernarfon.

Summertime Breaks in and around Caernarfon. With summer fast approaching it’s too tempting not to think Caernarfon Hotels scattered around providing luxury accommodation with stunning scenery. Here’s our list of great activities and attractions in the Caernarfon area which are ideal for making the most of summertime.
about making an escape. Everyone deserves a holiday and while going to another country for a break is an option, a lot of people miss out on travel treasures in Wales! A prime location for example is Caernarfon, boasting a wealth of stunning views and locations, a storied history and the friendliest of people. So surely it makes sense to soak in the Welsh sunshine while you have the chance, right? There are some outstanding

Llandwyn Bay 

An absolutely gorgeous sandy beach which celebrated dunes are the settings of many romantic stories for couples and the adventures of countless kids! This blue flagged wonderland is an award winning roving sweep of beach that is isolated…

Choosing Llandudno Hotels for your stay.

If you are preparing or planning to go for a holiday to the wonderful seaside town of Llandudno, then you’ll need somewhere to stay. Unless a relative or friend lives in the area and can put you up for a few nights, you’ll need to book a one of the popular Victorian Llandudno Hotels. You’ll be pleased to know that there is a fantastic range of hotels to choose from to suit every type of visitor.

There will be a few things to consider when finding the hotel for you. You should consider; price, quality, location and facilities. The great thing about Llandudno is that the majority of the hotels are situated within the main town area, with most things within walking distance or very short driving distance.

Since Llandudno is a highly regarded, popular tourist destination, the quality of its amenities, facilities and accommodation increases every year. The demand for more places to stay continues to grow, meaning that there is plenty of choice for those planning to visit the area. It also…

Holiday Lodges Snowdonia - A home from home

Holiday lodges are a popular choice for people that fancy a break away from everyday routine, allowing you to get a much needed break from those hectic weeks. Many holiday makers would much rather book a trip away within the country, instead of those far flung destinations, where a growing number of families prefer a week or two away within the country, among many of the finest areas that the United Kingdom has to offer. Here we outline a couple of holiday types that you could enjoy, whether it is with family, friends, alone or with a partner in lodges Snowdonia.
Family Holiday
A holiday lodge in Snowdonia is the perfect type of accommodation for family holidays. Visiting a lodge can often be a much better alternative to a hotel, as you will likely have access to a well-equipped kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living space, rather than limited features that a hotel room will often give. This means you’ll have more space, freedom, and will be able to cook local produce and other foods …

Dining Like a True Welshman in North Wales

So you have decided to pack your bags and take a holiday to the beautiful North Wales. If you love food then trying the Welsh cuisine is a must. To take full advantage of your time in North Wales you need to hunt out some local Welsh restaurants that serve traditional Welsh food, luckily we have done a bit of the work for you! Below are our top 5 restaurants to visit in North Wales if you want to dine like a true Welshman:

1. Watsons Bistros
First up on our list is Watsons Bach based in the town of Conwy. This Bistro uses locally sourced ingredients to deliver traditional Welsh food with a modern twist while maintaining in an intimate Bistro setting. Everything at this gem of a restaurant is homemade from the bread right down to the ice creams and sorbets. Our top recommendations are the Slow Roast Shoulder of Welsh Lamb with punchmep and minted garlic and honey jus and the 24 hour cooked OX cheek with savoy cabbage, Dijon mustard mash and a rich port sauce. There are daily specials a…