Summertime Breaks in and around Caernarfon.

Caernarfon Castle
Summertime Breaks in and around Caernarfon. With summer fast approaching it’s too tempting not to think Caernarfon Hotels scattered around providing luxury accommodation with stunning scenery. Here’s our list of great activities and attractions in the Caernarfon area which are ideal for making the most of summertime.
about making an escape. Everyone deserves a holiday and while going to another country for a break is an option, a lot of people miss out on travel treasures in Wales! A prime location for example is Caernarfon, boasting a wealth of stunning views and locations, a storied history and the friendliest of people. So surely it makes sense to soak in the Welsh sunshine while you have the chance, right? There are some outstanding

Llandwyn Bay 

An absolutely gorgeous sandy beach which celebrated dunes are the settings of many romantic stories for couples and the adventures of countless kids! This blue flagged wonderland is an award winning roving sweep of beach that is isolated but still has toilet and parking facilities nearby, so you shan’t have to suffer for pleasure.

Caernarfon Castle 

This fortress retains the terrible beauty that it had when it was erected over 600 years ago by King Edward the Longshanks! While this castle no longer has knights and soldiers battling it out on the walls it’s easy to envision this when walking upon the battlements. A sight to remember in years to come.

Plas Newydd 

On the shores of the menai straight, the building is a historical wonder as the home of the Marquess of Anglesey. The garden has a very diverse beauty mixing many different styles which attracts attention all year round; the garden has an open plan with majestic views of Snowdonian peaks, which are a marvel while you stroll on the italien style lawn. A woodland walk leads to a marine path which runs aside the straight. There is so much more in the area to visit, so you better make your stay as long as possible. Trust me, you won’t want to leave!