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Holidays in Wales
When in Wales there are so many incredible things to see and do and WalesLive can guide you on this journey of discovery.  The country of Wales has inspired legends for thousands of years with its awe inspiring natural beauty, much of which is still unspoiled by man. Whether you are an artist, nature lover, walker, mountain biker or water sports enthusiast Wales offers you culture, adventure and inspiration. With all this available it can be overwhelming for a tourist to know where to start. You do not want to miss the very best of Wales.  WalesLive has current, comprehensive information about all the different activities, accommodation, events, news and adventures that are happening in Wales.

It is a holiday destination for British and international tourists alike because it is wholly different than anywhere else in the world. It is strangely varied for such a small country. This means you can easily experience all its variety without travelling for a long time between the many different areas in Wales. It has modern yet beautiful cities such as Cardiff and Bangor with their vibrant nightlife, beautiful architecture and impressive cathedrals. It has historic towns that dominate the skyline with their medieval castles and forts. It is peppered with beautifully quaint, tranquil villages and there are vast areas of raw, wildly beautiful countryside that rejuvenate the soul. That is the reason most people come to Wales. Its natural landscape has everything; coniferous forests, deciduous native woodland, a large number of lakes and rivers, famous mountain ranges, beautiful coastal beaches and cliffs and an endless supply of rolling countryside.

Welsh Holidays
Do not be fooled in thinking Wales is just visually pretty, its rugged wilderness provides the perfect destination for all kinds of sport. How about mountain biking through forests, canoeing through rapids, climbing many different cliffs and mountain ranges or horse riding through the meadows? Wales is a centre for outdoor sports. People flock to Wales for sport activities every year. The sea is so near to the mountains and forests you are spoilt for choice. In addition to all the climbing and riding water sports are on offer across the coast which surrounds Wales on three sides. Sailing, jet skiing and wakeboarding are all favourites in the seaside towns while those inland enjoy wild swimming and gorge walking, however the size of Wales means you can easily do both in the one holiday. Large national and international sports events take place in Wales every year such as the All Wales Boat show, Wakestock, Europe’s biggest wakeboarding festival, cycling championships, triathlons and much more.

Wales is not just for the sporting types it is also a centre for the arts. Not many outside of Wales realise how much music, visual and contemporary art is available in Wales. Festivals in Abersoch and Portmeiron are famous music festivals, well known throughout the UK and there are so many more happening throughout the year at various breath taking locations. Wales also appreciates classical music with the North Wales International Music Festival event every September. There are many top quality galleries for both traditional and contemporary art and these are enhanced by the vast numbers of local artists who specialise in all kinds of art form from painting to pottery and masonry art. Several massive art related festivals take place every year such as Llandudno Arts Weekend and the Helfa Gelf. The Art Society for Wales is currently making a concentrated effort to support its local artists and promote artist expression in Wales. The landscape of Wales is so dramatic that it has been inspiring local and international artists for thousands of years. You can find ancient art from early man in many Welsh museums.

WalesLiveWales is also home to history. Its coastal towns were beloved holiday destinations of the Victorians and have
been persevered with all their Victorian beauty and history intact. Wales’ many famous museums are full with evidence, fossils, artefacts and remnants of our rich medieval and ancient Druidic/Celtic history. It is a great place to discover evidence of how the Britons existed before Roman influence as Wales is the last home of the Druids and one of the last areas to fall to outside invasion. The medieval era clearly and very visually left its mark on the Welsh landscape. Wales is well known for castles for a reason. This little section of the UK has more castles per square kilometre than anywhere else in Europe.

If you love good, varied and creative food you may not at first think of Wales as your ideal holiday destination but Wales has recently been reclaiming its roots and pride for its own local produce and native cuisine. Wales is full of brewing experts so if real ales are your thing you should head to one of the many local breweries being set up in the pubs across Wales. Wales has been encouraging its people to get involved with cooking and promoting our own extra fresh local produce with a number of large scale food festivals across the country. In addition to the best lamb and home reared pork Wales has the freshest and best seafood around. Anglesey’s Oyster Festival used to be only known by locals but Wales has learned that so many want to try the local produce that the festivals are growing and expanding so do not forget to visit a Welsh food festival when you visit.

Whether is it outdoor sport, nature, music, art, big festivals and unusual events or food you love Wales is the place to see and WalesLive can gives you information about all the best events, attractions and accommodation to get you started on your Welsh adventure.