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Why Stay Anywhere Other Than Holiday Homes in Midwales?

There are 365 days a calendar year and we spend 136 of those precious days as we please. This includes 52 weekends, 8 bank holidays and an average of 24 days holiday. So why not take the opportunity to reward yourself with a cost effective holiday in luxury holiday homes in midales? The list of benefits for staying in one of the luxurious holiday parks is truly endless, but we are going to try and cover some of the basic benefits right here to give you a good idea of why you should choose accommodative homes for your next short break.
A large number of the benefits revolve around the tremendous amounts of privacy and independence you receive compared to most hotels. You can literally do as you please; with no limitations on times to be back at the premises or risk of disturbing people next door. You have complete flexibility on how you take your holiday; filling your time with entertainment and activities, or simply relaxing and doing nothing at all. Whatever your heart desires!
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Advice For A Successful Holiday

There are many families who enjoy taking that well deserved holiday together every single year. But sometimes it can be hard to juggle everything that is required in order for a family trip to be a successful one. However, there is an easy solution for those families that can give them the potential to enjoy every single aspect of their holiday. Luxury holiday parks in Llandudno are a fantastic source of relaxation and comfort, whilst being ideally located close to the hustle and bustle of town centres for some retail therapy and a luxury evening meal. This advice should be incredibly useful to anyone looking to perfect their holiday and to ensure a great time for all! Your Budget
Any family on a holiday can easily fall into the trap of throwing money at entertainment, food and activities. However, there should always be a set budget to stick to as a precautionary measure for your finances. Unless your budget can stretch that far, there is no real need to splash out on unnecessary thing…

MTB Routes in North Wales

North Wales is well known as a mountain biker’s paradise, and there are a series of routes which are perfect for bikers of all skill levels. From natural routes to man (and woman!) made masterpieces, North Wales offers so much for mountain bikers, it receives attention from around the world.
The Marin Trail (or as it’s called now, the Gwydir Mawr) is a 25km long trail throughout the scenic (and historic) Gwydir Forest right next to the pretty town of Llanrwst, and is a well respected trail which is popular with all manner of mountain bikers. With a lot of variety in it, the trail is well maintained and boasts superb quality throughout.
Facilities at Gwydir Mawr / The Marin Trail are no problem, either. Llanrwst is right next to the Gwydir Mawr, and offers so very much in the way of excellent, mountain biking facilities. From restaurants to accommodation, Llanrwst has everything you need for a great stay with a great range of accommodation such as the Meadowsweet Hotel in Llanrwst.
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Enjoy the Festive Season With an Excellent Break

It’s a hard thing when the kids leave home and the nest feels empty. Events such as Christmas which normally brought so much stress, running around (in some cases, full blown panic) but happiness can feel deflated and empty when your children aren’t around to spend them with you – and small Christmases can feel quite the muted affair – sucking the magic out of the season. There are a number of ways that you can get the cheer back into the season, as well as a number of hotels in Llandudno which can offset the perfect Christmas for you, even when the kids have flown the nest.
Take St Tudno Hotel, for instance. This seafront hotel in Llandudno stays open all year and is pleasantly busy throughout the festive season, due to the fact they offer full packaged Christmas breaks which will allow you to feel rested, rejuvenated, as well as pampered. St Tudno Hotel in particular is special with the fact that it offers its very own concierge service, which allows you to be picked up from your fro…

Winter Breaks in Llandudno

Llandudno in North Wales is a very special place. Some people say that Llandudno even possesses a magic, magic which was made from recollections of holidays within the area. Whether you’ve been to Llandudno in a bygone age or even just last year, the reports of the town being magical are most certainly true. This little seaside resort is one in a million- a place which bucks the trend of the typical British seaside town. Llandudno is one of the very rare ones that stays open all year around, almost transforming in the space of just a few months. But how, exactly? The great British seaside holiday is something in decline, if the news is to be believed. When you think of a British tourist destination, you can’t help but think of how it fares in the winter, abandoned, grey, and so desolate. The ending of it is symptomatic of the times- the fact that the advent of air travel has meant that cheap, European holidays are a hop, skip and a jump away, and that the British economy simply cannot …

The King’s Trail - Snowshoe Winter Trek in Europe's Northern Wilderness

Sweden's Northern Landscape is the Perfect Location for a Snowshoe Winter Trek in Europe
The furthest northern reaches of the icy nation of Sweden lie over 180 kilometers within the arctic circle. It is here where you will find the last remote wilderness of Lapland.

Upon arriving in this winter land, you will find the ancestral home of the Sami people, and their natural treasure ‘Kungsleden’, known to us in English as ‘The King’s Trail’. This is an expansive stretch of gorgeous landscape with birch forests, stunning glaciers, rivers and the highest mountains in Sweden.

This is a snowshoe winter trek Europe of a lifetime.

Sweden's Beautiful Wilderness

Your quest begins in Abisko, home to one of Sweden’s oldest national parks, Abisko is famous for being one of the best vistas to witness for yourself the aurora borealis, this is of course the Latin name for the phenomenon us southern folk call, ‘The Northern Lights’.

This adventure averages 14km a day trekking through the icy wilderne…

Betws Y Coed: The Gateway To Snowdonia

Betws Y Coed is a truly unique area of North Wales, known by many as the “Gateway to Snowdonia”. It is very difficult to find the therapeutic nature of Betws Y Coed anywhere else in the UK, which is exactly why the stunning location appeals to so many people year after year. It is the perfect place to enjoy long, relaxing walks in the country and hillsides, or go to the extreme side and partake in some rock climbing and mountain biking. Staying at one of the many luxury hotels in Betws Y Coed will be the perfect base camp for the holiday of a lifetime. If mountain biking happens to be a favourite of yours, then Betws Y Coed is the ideal location for you. Only a couple of minutes out of the village is the Marin Trail, a 25 kilometre route that takes you on a challenging adventure through Gwydir Forest. The varying terrains of the track will present you with truly picturesque views that will urge you to stop and take in. However, you don’t have to be an experienced mountain biker to enjo…

Welshpool: An Ideal Location For Holiday Homes in Mid Wales

Welshpool, Mid Wales is a beautiful area of Wales located just four miles from the England and Wales border. The area is the perfect location to stay in holiday homes in midwales truly immerse oneself into the wonder of Welsh culture. The town itself is home to 6500 citizens and the impressive Powys Castle, alongside an abundance of Georgian architecture. The quaint market town used to be the capital of South Powys for a short period of time and describes itself as “the place where Wales begins”. Welshpool is definitely a superb location for any family or tourist who wishes to consider a break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The town is easily accessible by road, rail or air via the A483, on the Cambrian line or the nearby Welshpool Airport. When you do arrive it is vitally important to visit Powys Castle. The 13th Century sandstone castle and its walls surround the beautiful gardens and aesthetics that definitely have to be seen to be believed. You can make your visit to…

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Yorkshire’s Dales are what can be considered one of the greatest areas in the United Kingdom for reacquainting yourself with nature and some good old-fashioned walking. The Yorkshire Dales are a wonderful natural paradise for hikers and mountain walkers in particular, as there are many hills and mountains to get involved with. After years of people travelling from all over the country to climb, A challenge was created in which participants would be tasked with ascending three of these peaks in consecutive journey. This route is entitled ‘The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.
Not unlike it’s brother courses like ‘The Welsh Three Peaks Challenge’ and the ‘National Three Peaks Challenge’ you must tackle the highest peaks of the region, while exploring the region and trekking cross country. The Yorkshire Three Peaks route is 24 Miles long, and includes 5,200ft (1585m) of ascent. To take part in the challenge, you can try to organise yourself as a group, or you can join a pre-organised event.

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Budget Hotels In Llandudno With Style

Getting a great deal on a seafront hotel in Llandudno doesn’t mean that you have to put up with inferior accommodation for the sake of saving money. The saying “You get what you pay for” has been true to very many things throughout life, but it doesn’t have to apply to everything. Seafront hotels in Llandudno for instance.
A few tips and tricks can ensure that you can get a lovely hotel in Llandudno with high-quality interiors, excellent proximity to the seaside, fantastic staff and an excellent stay without breaking the bank – leaving you more money for attractions and entertainment on your holiday, of course. The secret to getting all of this might surprise you.
Booking your hotel directly has been long considered a complete waste of money, but things tend to come around in circles. You might remember the first price comparison websites some years ago – which promised that using them was a far cheaper option than contacting the company directly. That was the case – once – but things ha…

Real Ale Festival Takes You Across North Wales

Summer may be coming to a close but that isn’t going to stop the tourists flocking to the North Wales coast to stay in a Llandudno seafront hotel. If you are lucky you can still acquire some last minute sunshine and an ice cream without needing to carry an umbrella! But for those of you looking for an activity predominantly based indoors, then the Conwy Real Ale Trail is going to be right up your street! The Conwy County Borough Council is happy to inform you that the real ale festival is coming back to the area for the second time this year. An event that is constantly on the move throughout one whole day, from the Llandudno seafront right through to Conwy Marina, stopping at places in between both locations. The map consists of seven pubs and bars, with a microbrewery thrown in as a treat! All of these renowned establishments are full to the brim with charm and character, and beloved by the locals. The microbreweries are rarely open to the general public, so having them on the map is …

Welshpool Canal Walk with Ty Gobaith

Those of you who are lucky enough to be taking your well deserved holiday at a caravan park in Mid Wales this year, you may find yourself looking for an interesting activity to take part in and enjoy. Look no further than the Welshpool Canal Walk with Ty Gobaith (Happy House) on Sunday the 24th of September, a wonderful charity event helping to support children and their families across the whole of Wales. The first canal walk event that took place last year was so overwhelmingly popular that the organisers have brought it back again, this time in memory of one of the Hope House mums, Teresa Thomas, who put together last year's event and sadly passed away rather unexpectedly in January this year. Anybody is welcome to join the challenge and walk in Teresa’s footsteps along the 8 mile stretch of the Montgomeryshire Canal, from Welshpool to Garthmyl on the edge of Berriew. You may spot the local wildlife as you walk alongside the serene canal, from otters to water voles, and more than…

High Quality Stays in the Heart of Snowdonia

Very many of us automatically think of going abroad when we consider the thought of going on holiday. With that comes airport delays, pat downs and cramped planes – as well as your money simply going not as far as it used to when it comes to holiday spends. The weak pound compared to the Euro has meant that very many of us are having to cut back on your holidays because we simply can’t buy as much as we used to.
However, going abroad isn’t all there is to enjoying a great holiday.
The Great British Holiday has stepped up its game considerably in recent years, and staying in the UK can actually give you a relaxing, peaceful holiday which can make you feel like you’ve actually recharged your batteries. There are a number of excellent hotels in the UK which can provide all of the service you would expect from a holiday, and they go above and beyond to ensure that you’ll have a marvellous time.
The rising cost of going abroad isn’t going to go down any time soon, and while the UK cannot prom…