Winter Breaks in Llandudno

Llandudno in North Wales is a very special place. Some people say that Llandudno even possesses a magic, magic which was made from recollections of holidays within the area.
Whether you’ve been to Llandudno in a bygone age or even just last year, the reports of the town being magical are most certainly true. This little seaside resort is one in a million- a place which bucks the trend of the typical British seaside town. Llandudno is one of the very rare ones that stays open all year around, almost transforming in the space of just a few months.
But how, exactly? The great British seaside holiday is something in decline, if the news is to be believed. When you think of a British tourist destination, you can’t help but think of how it fares in the winter, abandoned, grey, and so desolate. The ending of it is symptomatic of the times- the fact that the advent of air travel has meant that cheap, European holidays are a hop, skip and a jump away, and that the British economy simply cannot do things as cheaply as say, Spain or Greece.
This means that hotels have far less profits, and far less inclination to stay open during less than optimal months, but Llandudno couldn’t be any more different, with a thriving community come rain or shine. In the summer, you’ll find boat rides, seaside amusements, and as many ice creams as you can shake a stick at - and in the winter you’ll find it a bustling hub for shopping and social events. This is partially because of the array of excellent businesses in the area - from a number of high quality bars and restaurants in Llandudno to a series of notable branded stores on the high street.
We’re not the only fans of the town, though. Little old Llandudno has courted the attention of all manner of international media as well, having won awards with Lonely Planet as well as being home to world-class hotels (literally.) There are so many hotels in Llandudno which have won worldwide renown for the fact that their high standards are that much better than any other hotel in the world - even gigantic 5-star giants.