The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Yorkshire’s Dales are what can be considered one of the greatest areas in the United Kingdom for reacquainting yourself with nature and some good old-fashioned walking.
The Yorkshire Dales are a wonderful natural paradise for hikers and mountain walkers in particular, as there are many hills and mountains to get involved with.
After years of people travelling from all over the country to climb, A challenge was created in which participants would be tasked with ascending three of these peaks in consecutive journey.
This route is entitled ‘The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

Not unlike it’s brother courses like ‘The Welsh Three Peaks Challenge’ and the ‘National Three Peaks Challenge’ you must tackle the highest peaks of the region, while exploring the region and trekking cross country.
The Yorkshire Three Peaks route is 24 Miles long, and includes 5,200ft (1585m) of ascent.
To take part in the challenge, you can try to organise yourself as a group, or you can join a pre-organised event.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge includes Pen-y Ghent 694 metres
Whernside 736 metres and Ingleborough 723 metres. You will be crossing the River Ribble.
Yorkshire is a vast and beautiful land with many gorgeous mountains, rivers, moorland and much more. It’s no wonder that this is one of the UK’s favourite hiking locations. However, organising this can be a massive inconvenience and if you live a busy lifestyle and only just about have enough time for -well – the hiking, then a company can organise your tour for you so you can go on the challenge hassle free and easy.
Additionally, if you need to find a group to undergo the challenge alongside you, however you are lacking like minded friends and are keen for an opportunity to meet those people, you can indulge in the opportunity to do this for yourself.
Many people who have not quite enough experience for hiking to oversee their own expedition are going to be pleased to be able to join in with an organised group.
Reviews of the Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge.
“Tough but I loved it”
“A personal challenge”
“A real test, but spectacularly rewarding”