Winter in Snowdonia

The Snowdonia region is one of the very best areas in the whole of the UK to enjoy a varied and fun holiday, and this region has more than a few accommodation providers which are the perfect base for your adventures. From holiday parks with caravans and lodges for sale in Snowdonia to cottages and hotels, however you best enjoy your holiday is sure to be incorporated for your enjoyment at this beautiful little corner of the world.

One of the nicest things about the Snowdonia region in the winter is … kind of in the name. Snow, of course! While it can’t be stated that every single winter involves the white stuff, Snowdonia is a rather hilly and rather mountainous region, and the peaks do tend to see snow a lot more than other places in the UK. It’s the perfect destination for those that crave snowy backdrops for their winter break.

Should you be the sort of person that values peace and quiet, you’ll more than likely get a lot more out of your Snowdonia holiday in the winter than the summer. While of course the region is hardly dead and boring at any time of year, it does pick up significantly in the summer, leaving winter for those who prefer to take in the natural beauty of this wonderful Welsh wilderness without throngs and throngs of crowds ruining their photographs. Plus, winter allows for free parking at a number of attractions that stay open all year in Snowdonia – meaning that the region is absolutely perfect for a low key break with no stress at all.

You’re more than welcome to bring your best friend, too. Snowdonia is a doggy paradise due to the fact that it’s so pretty and so very varied – we challenge you to find any other region in the UK with mountains and highlands and forests and beaches! In winter, Snowdonia is even better for dog owners, due to the fact that the beaches lift their restrictions on dogs. Remember to pack the lead!