High Quality Stays in the Heart of Snowdonia

Snowdonia's landscapes are varied, and so very beautiful.
Very many of us automatically think of going abroad when we consider the thought of going on holiday. With that comes airport delays, pat downs and cramped planes – as well as your money simply going not as far as it used to when it comes to holiday spends. The weak pound compared to the Euro has meant that very many of us are having to cut back on your holidays because we simply can’t buy as much as we used to.

However, going abroad isn’t all there is to enjoying a great holiday.

Bodnant Gardens' Laburnum Arch
is a real treat to see.
The Great British Holiday has stepped up its game considerably in recent years, and staying in the UK can actually give you a relaxing, peaceful holiday which can make you feel like you’ve actually recharged your batteries. There are a number of excellent hotels in the UK which can provide all of the service you would expect from a holiday, and they go above and beyond to ensure that you’ll have a marvellous time.

The rising cost of going abroad isn’t going to go down any time soon, and while the UK cannot promise that you’ll spend a solid two weeks sunbathing on a beach, there’s plenty of other things which can really make an excellent experience for a fantastic time away from home. Snowdonia, for instance. This charming national park in Wales is regarded as a national area of conservation, and truly has something for everyone.

Snowdonia features coastlines with very valuable (and beautiful) sand dune systems along miles and miles of pristine coastline, forests which are home to abundant (and ancient) Welsh oaks, birch, mountain ash, and hazel trees, as well as proud mountains including the very well known Snowdon and the lesser known Tryfan, and of course a range of wildlife.

Zip World is a must for all self-respecting thrillseekers.
As you visit Snowdonia, it’s more than likely you’ll run into all manner of animals which are native to the region, including otters, polecats, peregrines, ospreys, red kites – and even the odd feral goat.

That’s not even to mention the man-made attractions that make the region so very special.

For those looking for a refined experience, there’s the National Trust’s Bodnant Gardens, which features a wealth of rare and unique plantlife which was brought back from all four corners of the new world by intrepid explorers and has been lovingly cultivated ever since.

Families with younger children are positively encouraged to visit Greenwood Forest Park, a completely green theme park which offers a great variety of rides and entertainment.

Surf Snowdonia has thrills, spills, and gigantic waves.
Thrillseekers can have a fantastic time with the Zip World series of attractions throughout the Snowdonia region. Their multiple sites have all manner of things for the modern adventurer – from high speed zip lining to spelunking. For those who wish to try something truly different, there’s Surf Snowdonia – which offers inland surfing. (Yes, that’s right! Inland surfing!)

With all of this, Snowdonia has enjoyed a rather busy summer with a lot of visitors giving the area a try, and hotels in Snowdonia have been filled to the brim with visitors. Getting the right hotel is very important of course. Look for a hotel in Snowdonia which offers a great location, excellent standards of service and an excellent base in which to enjoy your Welsh adventure.