Monday, 31 October 2016

Enjoy the wonders of Conwy in style

You might be forgiven for not hearing of Humphreys Holidays before. That’s because the venture is rather new, but the formula for it’s success is tried and tested. The brainchild of hospitality professionals Jane and Justin Humphreys, Humphreys Holidays offers its clientele something very special indeed. Featuring two beautiful properties, with all bells and whistles included to make your stay very special, Humphreys Holidays have exactly what you want in mind - Whether it's a charming holiday cottage in Conwy or otherwise, you'll be spoiled for choice!

Until you’ve stayed within the beautiful North Wales region in the absolute luxury of your very own high-specification holiday cottage in Conwy, you haven’t quite made the best out of a break here. Both offerings Humphreys Holidays provide have everything you could ever need to spend quality time with a loved one – and all the attention to detail you’d demand to ensure that your stay is absolutely marvellous and something that will never, ever be forgotten.

Should you wish for anything to be brought to either property, or arranged as part of your arrival, all you have to do is ask, and they shall provide. Humphreys Holidays will endeavour to make everything you want happen in the most wonderful way, and will kindly and considerately make most wishes come true.

They’re not a large company, so the extra-special attention you get as you book and arrive is truly appreciated. With two high quality cottages they’re certainly not property moguls, but when it comes to special occasions, who wants to arrive with a pack of strangers and feel like driven sheep throughout the entire thing? Not us.  

There are two properties to choose from, the wonderfully pretty and lovely little Fourteen within the Medieval town of Conwy – and of course the absolutely stunning High Cabin with a secret location and the reputation of being the best kept secret within Wales.

Essentially, your holiday can be what you want it. Would you like the bustle of a pretty little town and a beautiful home? Then Fourteen is for you. Or, would you like to be well and truly out in the Welsh wilds and feel that you and your loved one are the only people on earth? Then the High Cabin is yours.

With Humphrey’s Holidays, you’re more than welcome to make your holiday within North Wales what you wish. Have fun.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Best Accommodation Deal in Llandudno?

We love hunting for bargains, and it’s always a joy to save a significant amount of money by putting in a little bit of effort and digging around to find the very best deals we can. We’re found an absolute steal within the lovely seaside town of Llandudno, and it’s courtesy of the Cae Mor Hotel, one of the prime seafront hotels in Llandudno.

If you book directly with the Cae Mor Hotel, you’ll be treated to a completely and entirely free £15 restaurant voucher for use in their rather respected, intimate Othello’s restaurant on the ground floor. Decorated very handsomely and in keeping with the hotel (and Llandudno’s) chic Victorian aesthetic, you’ll be delighted to find that their menus are rather good.

There’s another marvellous deal to be had when you book at the Cae Mor Hotel in Llandudno. Should you receive a voucher, you can also be treated to a free glass of prosecco each – entirely and absolutely free should you book a table of 2 or more. What’s dinner without a little fizz, after all? The Cae Mor Hotel are more than capable of laying on layer after layer of luxury, and it shows with the amount of treats they’re all too willing to spoil their valued guests with.

With all of the above, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Cae Mor Hotel might be quite expensive to stay within. That’s not the case at all. Their Autumn and Winter Midweek Breaks in particular are quite remarkable.

Should you book any three night’s stay from Sunday to Thursday of any week throughout Autumn and Winter, rates are very significantly reduced. From a standard room costing a mere £325, to a superior room costing £410, we simply can’t see a cheaper deal in Llandudno or even North Wales which includes dinner, bed and breakfast in such a pretty hotel in a prime location on Llandudno’s glorious seafront.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Make Your Holiday Last All Year Round

Holidays. The blessed two weeks where you can pack up the car, the kids, and the dog for two weeks of somewhere new, and somewhere away from the rat race of work, sleep, work, sleep, work and sleep. So many of us look forward to this utterly sacred time of year, and we always lament when they’re over. But did you know that you can make your holiday last however long you want it to, by taking a look at some seriously good caravans for sale in North Wales?

We know that you’ve heard it all before. “Buy now, pay next year” offers are all well and good, but what if it comes down to your holiday in the summer being fantastic and excellent, and an odd weekend away in the middle of winter is anything but? The British tourism industry is going from strength to strength indeed, but some places in wintertime are… well, desolate.

Thankfully, we’ve got a really good tip for you in the form of Snowdonia, North Wales. It’s an amazing region with year round things to do – which you wouldn’t get in a seaside resort. Snowdonia is an amazing place, and even better, it’s got a series of amazing parks within which will push your holiday to it’s limits, even if it’s the middle of winter.

Take Ogwen Bank, for example. Situated within acres and acres of fantastically stunning greenery, this park offers a lot of bang for your buck with it’s year around entertainment, luxury lodges, and close proximity to year round attractions such as Zip World, Surf Snowdonia, and so many amazing things to do. You’re more than welcome, for example, to spend lazy afternoons fishing on the bank of the River Ogwen, which is both scenic and soul-satisfying.

That, as well as the fact that Ogwen Bank in itself features an excellent Country Club (which was originally the hunting lodge of the infamous Lord Penrhyn back in olden times) brought bang up to date and hosting all manner of delicious food and drink, as well as year-round events to keep their guests happy and content- as well as big events such as bonfires, outdoor movie nights, and attentive and kind members of staff, your holiday within Ogwen Bank will shine, no matter the weather.

Buying a caravan for year around use used to be considered quite a fool’s errand. But nowadays, it’s really not. Enquire today, and see if you can steal a little more holidays out of your work year!