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Ten Popular Treks in the UK


North Wales’ Snowdonia national park is home to many adventures and hikes which have been enjoyed for thousands of years. However, its namesake mountain is by far the most popular mountain of them all. On a nice day, you will find scores of people making their way to the summit. If you’re after a challenging, seldom-tread path to follow as you make your way up the mountain, you can climb it via Crib Goch or if you really want to push yourself why not try the Snowdon Challenge

Cadair Idris

At the southern tail of the park, you will find the second most popular peak of the region. Named for the legend that a giant created it who was looking for somewhere to sit, hence the name, which translates to ‘Chair of Idris’. This mountain isn’t as crowded as other peaks such as Snowdon, so you are likely to get a more authentic trekking experience. The nearby down of Dolgellau which lies at the foot of the mountain may provide a perfect place to prep for the trip before making the ascent,…

Gift Vouchers Now Available at Dragon Raiders Activity Park!

Christmas is only four days away and with the New Year fast approaching the next thing to think about is birthdays! At the beginning of the year some of us start making note of all the birthdays we have to start planning for, whereas others will simply get a last minute gift.
Whichever type of person you are; organised or last-minute; Dragon Raiders Activity Park has the perfect present for everyone! At their activity park they have an array of adventure courses suitable for schools, adults and families. Their newest challenges are the Survival Wild Camp and Snowdon X2 Challenge, which are overnight expeditions, but why not book on to the Paintball and Segway?
For all the adrenaline-junkies out there, the Paintball activity is the best choice for you. Get your group together and participate in a competitive, yet fun activity for the day. The activity course is located on the coast of the naturally beautiful Llyn Peninsula in Gwynedd, North Wales.
There are a number of game zones av…

Palewood Caravan Park in Snowdonia

Our minds may be on Christmas and winter right now but very soon we should all have a little free time to prepare ourselves for 2016.

Before you know it Christmas will be over and that is a great time to plan your holidays for 2016. If you are tired by the exhausting task of researching and booking holidays wouldn’t it be lovely to have your own secret escape in the heart of Snowdonia countryside where you could retreat to whenever you wish? If this sounds great to you it may be time to look into purchasing your own holiday home.

While camping trips to busy, lively holiday parks can be fun if you prefer a more tranquil holiday surrounded by peace and nature then purchasing your own lodge, caravan or holiday home is definitely the way to go. Achieving the perfect atmosphere depends on the caravan park you choose to purchase your new holiday home from.

Palewood Caravan Park in Snowdonia is one of the most outstanding five star parks in North Wales. It has a major focus on peace and natura…