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Anglesey Show & Local North Wales Holiday Parks

Anglesey show is one of the best and foremost important agricultural events held annually, and takes place at the Mona Showground, Anglesey, North Wales.

Behind the Royal Welsh Show in Builth Wells, the Anglesey show is the second largest show of its kind in all of Wales, attracting thousands of visitors a year, around 65,000! It's an absolutely fantastic was to spend a few days in August, and if you’re spending August in Anglesey anyway, a visit to the Anglesey show is definitely in order. Rain or shine, the Anglesey show is always a gloriously colourful and fun day out, with so many things to see, do, and buy you wont be disappointed.

The competitions attract people from all over the UK, with varying contests that are a sight to behold indeed. A mouthwatering selection of food is available, with stands everywhere, you’re sure to be well fed, and the wares and goods to purchase you’ll be very tempted to buy absolutely everything. There’s so much to see you’ll probably have to g…