A Premium Wine Experience In North Wales

We’re big fans of the North Wales region. Home to countless hotels and some truly special scenery—nothing really takes away from the fact that once, it wasn’t exactly… bustling. Where once the region was considered quite sparse and with absolutely nothing in it’s trajectory other than walking, walking, climbing, and more walking, the region has undergone an extensive sprucing up over the past ten years. We’re seven months into the region’s Year of Adventure, and while some prefer to spend their Year of Adventure climbing up mountains and engaging in a large manner of general outdoorsy activity, we prefer to spend our Year of Adventure with a trip to some fine dining restaurants in Caernarfon!

The Tyn Rhos Country House is very prominent in the region of Caernarfon, Bangor, and nearby Snowdonia, with food that’s truly and utterly amazing. We were stunned to learn that their menus are changed daily, depending on what local fare the chefs can source that very day! Freshness, quality, and attention to detail is guaranteed with this beautiful retreat, and we in particular were very impressed with it’s vast wine list.

The Tyn Rhos Country House is blessed with many things. A beautiful location, a fabulous building which is both full of charming Welsh character and, at the same time, well-looked after and absolutely sumptuously decorated, and a team of truly talented chefs at hand to ensure that your culinary experience is an absolutely fantastic one. As for the wine list, whether you’re a fan of red, white, or fancy something truly special, the Tyn Rhos has a partnership with the Tanners Wine Merchantry, and as result a truly exciting variety of wines to choose from, showcasing a large variety of grapes. The list features both conventional wines and bio-dynamic which are all personally tasted.

Their recommendations are absolutely stellar, as well. In a world where anyone and everyone calls themselves a wine expert, it’s truly refreshing to be served wine by people that wholeheartedly share a very real passion for it.  Whether your tastes lean toward the masterpieces of established wineries or more toward rising stars of the new world, the Tyn Rhos Country House has just the selection for you. Highly, highly recommended.