Caravan Park Owners: Is Your Solicitor Truly On Your Side?

North Wales is very well known for providing fun family holidays for thousands upon thousands of people every year, and there’s a large variety of parks within this lovely area in order for people to pack up the car, the kids and the dog, and shoot off for a week or two in a home away from home while enjoying traditional entertainments such as the seaside. (Or even the non-traditional!)

However, running a holiday park is a pretty difficult and daunting matter. The day to day of a caravan park is some very, very hard work – and having a solicitor in North Wales that understands  just how difficult things can be is absolutely vital when it comes to getting your business started, followed through thoroughly and properly concluded.

Swayne Johnson Solicitors are based in multiple sites throughout North Wales such as convenient to reach places like Llandudno and St Asaph – and they’re there for you every step of the way. With this firm, if something crops up you won’t be placed on a soul-destroying hotline and forced to listen to cheery tunes while someone can find time to get back to you. You’ll deal directly with one or two of their very well qualified team, and you’ll be dealing with them in a face-to-face manner.

Whether you’re in need of Conveyancing services, need a little bit of advice about the ins and outs of licensing, have questions about Company and Commercial matters (including Intellectual Property) or even need to focus on what you have with assistance in regard to Planning and Environmental matters, Swayne Johnson solicitors are your absolute best bet.

The proof is in the pudding, or so they say. With a multitude of happy clients and happy parks, as well as their vast experience in supporting clients and businesses that own holiday parks whether big or small, they’ve got well over 20 years of supplying the right amount of support for Holiday Park owners of all descriptions, and simply put – you’ll be very hard pressed to do better than their fantastic team of solicitors when it comes to handling your matters.