Fine Dining In North Wales

North Wales is a bountiful and beautiful region, that has it’s roots in slate manufacture and coal mining, and a slew of outdoorsy activities for those so inclined. It’s premier seaside resort, Llandudno recently won TripAdvisor’s Best Seaside Resort of 2016, trouncing competition from England and Wales. Yet moving away from shambling up mountains and the inevitable pull of the seaside, did you know that there’s a hidden jewel for all self-respecting gourmets located just between Bangor and Caernarfon? Fine Dining restaurants in Caernarfon? Really?

Absolutely. The Tyn Rhos Country House has a vast menu, which is changed out daily, as their commitment to sourcing good, local fare of the absolute highest quality is paramount. Their team of Michelin starred chefs source their ingredients daily, in order to guarantee dining of the absolute highest quality for all of their lucky patrons. To enjoy a meal at the Tyn Rhos is a very special thing. Their venue is small and intimate, tastefully decorated and seating 35 people at a time—so you’re absolutely certain to have an experience where you are certainly looked after. We’re fans of the ambience of smaller venues, so this is music to our ears.

Open for evening meals between 6:30 to 8:30, the Tyn Rhos Country House has a lovely atmosphere, a fantastic selection of locally produced, expertly prepared gourmet food (We recommend the premium Wagyu beef, sourced from the prestigious Highland Wagyu Beef Company in particular, not sold through shops and only sold directly to select chefs) and the capability to cater to those with certain dietary requirements.

Due to the nature of food preparation in the Tyn Rhos, it is advised that those who have special requirements or allergies to let the restaurant know as you book – as menus change daily.  
Overall, we’re very impressed by the Tyn Rhos Country House, with it’s beautiful location, majestic house and team of truly talented chefs, we consider it the culinary jewel of the Welsh countryside and would wholeheartedly recommend it to all of our readers.