Events in Anglesey this February 2014

Anglesey Camping | Snowdrops
Why would you want to enjoy camping in Anglesey's St David's Holiday Park in February? February is still part of winter and the weather can be rough so many do not consider camping do be the ideal holiday option.

Most people leave camping until the summer time. The weather is somewhat more reliable and warmer but this could lead to you having the same kind of holiday every year. Why not try something a bit different. Every winter we stay cooped up inside getting no exercise and not seeing any of the beautiful landscape around us. Only those who work in outdoor jobs or take part in plenty of winter exercise get to see just how beautiful February in Anglesey really is.

Anyone who works in conservation in Anglesey will tell you that you are most definitely missing out if you do not take the opportunity to enjoy Anglesey in every season, including February.

Camping in Anglesey in February could present you with a wholly new kind of holiday experience. Wrap up in warm clothes and cuddle up with a hot chocolate looking out over the incredibly dramatic panoramic views of the winter sea from Anglesey Bays. You may well see some marine wildlife coming down from the Arctic seas to make use of, what seems them, warmer winter waters. Plenty of land wildlife will be out and about including Anglesey’s shy red squirrels, owls, foxes, badgers and much more. The winter cold drives some animals into hibernation but many feel more confident to walk about freely as there are less people and predators on the prowl.

Naturally February brings beautiful sights such as carpets of snowdrops on the woodland floors. Late dawns give ample opportunity to watch a sunrise in colourful frost filled skies.

One of the best reasons to go camping in Anglesey this February is, as well as all the nature, all the great events. Beginning on the second of February is National Story Telling Week at Beaumaris Castle. Beaumaris is a stunning historical monument on Anglesey in a remarkable and charming town on the sea. North Wales has a history of beautiful mythic stories and the National Storytelling week honours that tradition. It encourages people to remember the importance of oral story telling in ancient Welsh culture.  Drop by Beaumaris Castle on the 2nd of February and listen to some ancient Welsh stories. Tickets are £4.50 for adults and £3.40 for children.

Throughout February there is also the chance to make the most out of our beautiful Anglesey snowdrops. Every Sunday between the 2nd of February and the 23rd of February you can head to Menai Brige Estate gardens between 12-4p and see the beautiful landscapes gardens bursting with snowdops. A great deal of work has gone into restoring these fantastic gardens and they are a true jewel of the isle. The garden has three areas for you to admire. There is a large walled garden, a valley garden which contains waterfalls and the upper woodland garden for a more natural atmosphere. There is also a charming tea room for when you need a break from the cool February air.

Camping in Anglesey this February presents a stunning landscape to admire that you may think you know but have not yet appreciated its varied changes throughout the different season.

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