Increase in UK Tourism in the past year

This year could be a record year for the UK travel & tourism industry, with the weak pound, credit crunch & less money around, people are opting to holiday in the UK rather than abroad. A number of traditional seaside resorts have seen an increase in popularity, with Torquay & Newquay leading the way with a 160% increase in searches since last year on popular website

Furthermore, there has been an increase in searches in Blackpool (140%), Jersey (120%), Llandudno (130%) and Bournemouth (80%).

This is great for the areas mentioned, which has seen a decline in popularity in recent years, with foreign climates proving more appealing. Nevertheless, the hope is that visitors will come and discover these places, find out that they love them, and return year after year.

Furthermore, with the weak pound, tourists from Europe & the United States have been arriving in mass to these destinations. For backpackers especially, now is really the best time to explore the UK.

On a personal note (as a Llandudno resident) I'm glad to see a rise in popularity of Llandudno Hotels & Self Catering Llandudno properies with people having difficult years up to now. Things are looking up!