Motorhome Hire

Motorhome Hire is a fun and adventurous way to spend your holiday. It provides both mobility and accommodation all in one cutting down costs and giving you the flexibility to travel around at your leisure.

Modern Motorhomes now come fully equipped with all the mod cons enabling you to have all the luxuries that you are accustomed to whilst venturing out into the great outdoors.

GoExplore Motorhome Hire has a wide range of Motorhomes available to rent for touring around the UK and Europe. All the Motorhomes are fairly new, and are able to accommodate up to 6 people.

This type of holiday is ideal for those that want to spend time on the road exploring different places with a flexible approach. There are many advantages to touring in a Motorhome such as not being restricted to meal times and check in and check out times, you can simply start your day when you like, park up when you like for meals and tea/coffee breaks and if the kids get bored they can always watch a DVD in the back.