Mid Wales Holiday Homes

Welshpool is a very popular tourist destination and is a prime location for Mid Wales Holiday Homes. Many people choose to have a holiday home in Mid Wales due to the surrounding scenery and tranquil surroundings it offers, plus the fact it is easy accessible via major motorways.

Welshpool is located within the county of Powys in Mid Wales and has a rich history and charming countryside. The town is along the river Severn, for this reason it’s welsh name is ‘Y Trallwng’ literally meaning ‘The Sinking land’. Originally the English named it Pool, but renamed it Welshpool to disassociate it from the English town with the name of ‘Poole’. South of it lies Powis Castle, a medieval landmark made of sandstone overlooking the Severn valley. The castle is a very impressive sight, a large red structure from the 13th century and lavish gardens. Welshpool is abundant with Georgian architecture. Welshpool was once a borough under the title of Burgus de Pola in 1263, however it has lost its status as of 1972.

In the summer a steam railway known as ‘The Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway’ which was originally used to take farmers and their livestock to the market runs for tourists. The line was shut in 1956 but is now reopened thanks to enthusiasts. Its population is 6,269 as of 2001. The town is featured as part of the ‘Glyndwr’s way’ trail that runs through the town as part of a national trail.