Conwy is a magnificent walled market town which faces the touristy town of Llandudno across the River Conwy. Conwy and its town walls were built by Edward I of England between 1283 and 1289 as part of the conquest of Wales. The historical values of the town make it a popular tourist destination, as there are plenty of interesting activities and attractions within the town and surrounding areas. The Castle is open to public viewing and attracts thousands of tourists every year, offering a fabulous day out for all of the family.

The town itself has a population of 4000, but including the nearby areas, rises to 14,000. Although Conwy Castle is often considered to be the main tourist attraction to the town, the entire town has a friendly traditional feel to it, with many other attractions including the Conwy Morfa, Conwy Quay, Suspension Bridge, the Butterfly Jungle and the Smallest House in Great Britain.

There are plenty of traditional shops and places to eat, with pubs and fish and chip shops being big local and tourist favourites amongst the town. Each year there are music, food, fishing and boat festivals which attract thousands of visitors. Conwy is great for night life with plenty of live bands playing in various pubs and locations. Conwy is considered one of the best holiday attractions within the United Kingdom.

The shopping scene in Conwy is very relaxed, and very different. You won’t find many of your high street giants when you visit, but there are plenty of small independent shops that offer gifts, arts, crafts, and food, many of these shops are very quaint and definitely worth a visit. Conwy is a great town and a plentiful tourist destination that everyone seems to love. Get over to Conwy in North Wales for a fantastic time away with familiar friends and partners.

Check out the Visit Conwy Directory for a wealth of information and local business listings.