Some of the Most Popular Treks in Europe

Adventure Treks in Europe are fantastic way to spend a few hours or days– exploring a beautiful new
Iceland Laugavegur Trek

Iceland Laugavegur Trek

place that you can be sure is completely different to how your friends will be spending their holidays!

Within this article we have put together a number of incredible places that you can adventure trek as a part of a tour group or simply self-guided, giving you the most magical experience of natural beauty across the world. Europe is home to a whole host of fantastic environments, so whether you fancy walking along hills and rivers, or mountains and beaches, you have a huge choice at your disposal.

Iceland Laugavegur Trek - An exclusive part of Europe that boasts an enchanted environment and range of landscapes, Iceland is the perfect destination for any avid trekker. On this route you will experience a spectacular hike through wilderness, with steep climbs, rough grounds and the thrill of setting up camp in the evenings. The Iceland Laugavegur Trek will take you through lakes, lava fields, hot springs, icy streams, volcanic plains, caverns, canyons while finishing at the Blue Lagoon.

Switzerland Kandersteg, Bernese Oberland  - This area is popular with hikers that enjoy skiing as there are such facilities in the region. This hike will allow you to enjoy magnificent forests, mountain paths and a glorious frozen lake that will leave you breathless. During this hike you will have a plethora of photo opportunities of simple stunning landscapes, and could even try your hand at yodelling. This hike will present you opportunities to enjoy local culture and foods.

Eastern Hungary, Hortobagy National Park - -This part of Europe will offer you the environment of glorious grassy plains among horsemen and Sheppard’s, while giving you a beautiful sight of thousands of Crane birds taking flight as the evening approaches. Hungary is a part of Europe that offers a unique culture, with its glorious natural environments that will give you a mind refreshing hike. Enjoy phenomenal sunsets and even have the opportunity to visit wild animal parks.

Sicily, Nebrodi National Park, Italy - You’ll likely enjoy pleasant weather, so you’ll thoroughly enjoy the cool beech forests with wildflower meadows and gorgeous blue lakes of the National Park. Nebrodi National Park is set with the idyllic backdrop of Mount Etna, rising high above the forests you’ll be exploring. Among ancient trees, refreshing lakes and magical views, you’ll take the opportunity to take fantastic photos, while eating and drinking some of the local produce.