Las Vegas Doesn’t Use As Much Electricity As You’d Think

When most of us think of massive amounts of power and wastage, Las Vegas in Nevada springs to mind. The region is famous for its miles upon miles of absolutely sprawling casinos, each of them lit up to the eyeballs with all manner of lights and bulbs, and as such, it’s pretty apparent that there should be a few spinning meters, right? In fact, Las Vegas is lit up enough that it really should be seen from space.

While indeed, most likely you should be able to see Las Vegas from space, it’s not even half of the energy hog it once was. The state has changed from wasteful, inefficient neon strips to LED strip lighting, and while just as flashy as the older neon (if not more so, actually!) there’s a completely staggering 83.75% power saving on the newer LED Strip Lighting than the older, wasteful neon.
That, and LED lighting is much, much safer. That 83.75% on neon lighting is pure wastage – coming out in heat and some seriously harmful C02 emissions that are one, a fire hazard, and two, a very real hazard to the planet itself. Casino displays are designed to draw the eye – though we’re certain that most casino owners don’t feel like drawing the eye by the virtue of a gigantic fire.

LED Strip Lighting and LED Rope Lighting are also far more favourable than neon lighting because quite simply, they don’t break. Compared to neon lighting, LED lighting lasts 20,000 to 50,000 operational hours longer – meaning that the casino owner’s time and money has been spared by ensuring that constant work to repair and replace bulbs simply doesn’t happen. Essentially, LED Bulbs, strips and rope lights last for years upon years upon years.

With the advances made within recent years, LED lighting means that the days of spending £20 to £50 on a single bulb are over. Nowadays, you can find LED bulbs for the same price as older, wasteful CFL lighting. If huge companies such as Las Vegas casinos are making the switch, why can’t you?