Year of Legends 2017 to Boost Welsh Tourism

Wales has had a huge boost from the recent Visit Wales initiative; ‘Wales Year of Adventure’ campaign 2016 that has seen recognition for all things Wales, with particular focus on the opportunities for adventure.

2016 saw new big name adventure attractions enjoy success, with the likes of Surf Snowdonia, Zip World and Bounce Below gaining momentum in their operations. Famously and traditionally known for its range of natural landscapes, Wales – and particularly North Wales has enjoyed increased visitors, attention and recognition.

2017 will see a brand new campaign, further pushing Wales’ offerings, though this time with a more historical theme, celebrating the special legends of the country.
Officially named the ‘Year of Legends’, the campaign will set out to educate those visiting the area about the rich Welsh history and intriguing folklore that has embedded itself in welsh culture and tradition.

Businesses within Wales are expected to embrace this campaign and as such, we may well see some special legend themed events, products and services come about very soon!

Not only historical figures and legends will be included, but more modern Welsh heroes, individuals and groups will be featured throughout the campaign, showcasing some of the most historical and finest examples of welsh representation.

Wales has a plentiful array of folklore tales, many of which will indeed inspire you, with the likes of Merlin, Gelert and the giant known as Cadair Idris.

October 2016 was a particularly successful month for North Wales, as it featured in Lonely Plant’s Top 4 Regions in the entire world! An incredible achievement that will only add further excitement and interest to the country!

The projected increase in tourism is wonderful news for the area, as it would as expected, lead to an increase in job opportunities to meet the raised demands for services. The general infrastructure and publicly available

The increase in tourism will mean an increase in jobs as a whole supporting the local area further. With aim to cement Wales’ reputation further onto the grand stage, this period is very much one that benefits almost all of the participants.

Visit Wales are embarking on a road show that will promote the ‘Year of Legends’ Campaign, and will be hosting such events at towns including Colwyn Bay, Caerphilly and Aberystwyth. Taking place from May 2017 onwards, it offers the chance to learn more about the campaign and how to become involved.