The Groes Inn Is Mentioned In the Michelin Guide 2017

Who remembers the Groes Inn? This wonderfully quaint and oldy timey restaurant in Conwy as well as a pretty decent hotel was a wonderfully kept secret in Wales and the UK for the quality of it’s food and very reasonable rates for a number of years, which directly benefitted from numerous Michelin Guide mentions as well as having the rather illustrious position of holding an AA Rosette for well over ten years.

The Groes Inn then seemed to take it easy for a number of years. While indeed the building was never ignored or left to stagnate, and the quality of the food remained quite good, the Groes Inn almost seemed to burn out and never really managed to recapture former glories. Why is a very difficult question. Perhaps it was the very well documented fact that restaurants in North Wales and indeed the UK upped their game in the era of online reviews. Perhaps the Groes Inn even lost their way a little.

Many people have very fond memories of this coaching inn which claims to be the oldest licensed premises in Wales – whether it’s through the fact that the Groes Inn’s staff have always been exemplary in their high attention to detail and excellent standards of service, or even that the building has and always will be dog friendly – the place bleeds history. Whether it’s the history of North Wales, or even its patrons, there’s always a sense of looking back in time when you visit the Groes Inn.

It seems that since the building was sold by the Humphreys family (longtime owners of the Groes Inn) and purchased by another family business, JW Lees (a very well-known brewery which is still owned by the Lees Family with absolutely no shareholders) The Groes Inn is starting to push for awards once more with excellent service and new menus, which offer new takes on the Welsh classic dishes they’re very well known for – as well as the same quality which has brought the Groes Inn so many accolades in the past.

It appears that JW Lees has had a very positive effect on the Groes Inn already – with the fact that they’ve already been mentioned by the Michelin Pubs Guide for 2017! Clearly this lovely Welsh Countryside Inn is rising back into notability – and all it needed to become a foodie paradise once more was a little bit of love. We look eagerly on to what the Groes Inn will become with a new lease of life and the care and attention JW Lees are investing into it.