Beautiful Stays at Ogwen Bank Holiday Park

The weather is brightening up and there’s not many better spots to holiday in North Wales within than the glorious Ogwen Bank Country Club and Holiday Park. While indeed there’s more than a few holiday parks in North Wales, Ogwen Bank stands apart from others by the fact that it’s just so expansive.

While Holiday Parks might make you think of lines and lines and lines of caravans in meticulous and somewhat oppressive little rows, with no flavour or personality to be seen anywhere, nothing could be further from the truth at Ogwen Bank. Most likely as you visit, you'll be so taken with the place you'll be interested in their series of lodges for sale in North Wales!

 The Holiday Homes at this beautiful part of the UK benefit from being nestled within the woodland, by the fact that each and every Holiday Home, be it a caravan or a lodge (or even a nifty little S-Pod!) is a respectful distance from the other and absolutely respectful to the land around it. Each and every holiday home within Ogwen Bank is placed well, and to be frank, there’s no bad views to be had at all.

Ogwen Bank is, after all, on the bank of the Ogwen River and within the summer it’s absolutely enchanting to watch small fish within the river bed, and laze away warm days on the river bank. There’s a series of charming little bridges throughout the park, as well as points of natural interest which are decorated with hand carved posts and pillars – to break up so much woodland.

When the great outdoors gets too much for you, you’re welcome to retreat to the inside of your gorgeous lodge, which features all of the comforts of home. Fluffy carpets, modern lighting, super soft leather sofas, gigantic flat screen televisions, central heating and of course absolutely gorgeous interior design awaits you – there’s no comping about this whatsoever. Staying within one of Ogwen Bank’s beautiful lodges is reminiscent of stepping into an ultra-fancy and high quality hotel.

Ogwen Bank Holiday Park offers all the outdoorsiness and the freedom of a camping holiday within the middle of Snowdonia, and all the comfort and luxury of a top-notch hotel as well. Give it a try this year – you certainly won’t be disappointed – and we highly recommend booking before the season really kicks off at Easter in order to get yourself a bargain.