St Tudno Hotel Llandudno, Where Alice Stayed

There’s nothing like childhood nostalgia, and for many of us, it’s particularly wonderful when your childhood is being referenced. Whether it’s by films TV or books, the throwback for many individuals can be absolutely lovely – and probably one of the most referenced things from such is Alice In Wonderland, either by reprints of the book by Lewis Carroll, cartoon adaptations, or even films, such as Disney’s Classic Alice in Wonderland, or numerous live action remakes which hope to capture the spirit of the original.

While unfortunately the latter part of the above paragraph have been doomed to varying degrees of failure, the reason can be very easily seen. We have a feeling that the more recent films have strayed somewhat from the quirkiness of the original, or rather tried and failed to be too quirky – there’s a very fine balance of course between getting it right and just being… well. Weird. (Not in a good way.)

A great example of getting the Alice Connection right is the beautiful seaside town of Llandudno which is based within North Wales. Llandudno has quite a few things, numerous shops, little coffee shops, restaurants in Llandudno and of course the vast row of seafront hotels in Llandudno make this a very unique place to be. Did you know that the real life Alice Liddel and Lewis Carroll visited Llandudno many times?

The beautiful seaside town has a number of features and fixtures across it such as sculptures of the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, and Alice herself across the town, and it seems that the Alice connection is of course embraced here. It’s a very sad thing that Alice’s house – Penmorfa – is no longer there, but word is that the property became quite decrepit and fell down by itself.

What seems to be most fantastic about this wonderful little town (and certainly a great reason to come) is that the St Tudno Hotel in Llandudno on the beautiful seafront actually hosted Alice and her family very many times, and it was the Liddel Family’s fascination with the hotel, the town, and of course the service there that meant that they eventually purchased Penmorfa.  

The St Tudno Hotel is still decked in Victorian glamour and even has fresh flowers strewn through the chandeliers, and a very specially named Alice suite. We’re certain that there can be no better way to enjoy the Alice connection as you holiday within Llandudno!