Yorkshire Three Peaks: Packing the Essentials

The sun has finally begun to shine in the UK, which means many of us are getting out and about exploring our local area.

Whether it’s a relaxing stroll across the countryside or a tough mountain climb, keeping yourself active has a variety of benefits when it comes to your health.

If feel like you’ve explored everywhere that there is to explore here in North Wales and fancy a new challenge, the Yorkshire Three Peaks is something you should consider.

The trek will have you climbing the three peaks of Yorkshire, yet with the added challenge of doing it all within 12 hours! The total distance is 23.5 miles, which if you are a particularly fit walker, can be completed within 11-13 hours.

The views of the Yorkshire dales from the peaks are spectacular, and if you do fancy the challenge, it’s a great opportunity to sponsor yourself and raise money for a charity that you support. It's a challenge that you'll likely remember for the rest of your life, and is certainly a great talking point!

Choosing to take on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks with an experienced trekking company means that your group will be safe and well-prepared. You’ll be trekking along with qualified UK Mountain Leaders who are trained in First Aid, and who will ensure that you’ll stay on the right track throughout the journey.

If you’re planning on taking on the Three Peaks, or perhaps another mountain range within the UK, it’s essential that you’ve packed all the basics to ensure your safety along the way.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to stay hydrated throughout the trek, and so you’ll need to bring plenty of water.

A hydration system is a water carrier which contains an inbuilt straw which is fed through the outside of your rucksack. These can be incredibly helpful, as you don’t need to stop and take things out of your bag to have a drink whilst walking.

Another essential basic is a first aid kit. This kit should contain bandages, plasters, sterile wipes and wound dressings – amongst anything else you find to be a necessity. Electrolyte powders which are added to water can help you to regain energy if you're feeling particularly tired or dehydrated.

Many of our smartphones these days contain an in-built compass, but it’s always best to carry a traditional one in case your phone runs out of battery. A compass can help you descend a summit in the right direction; as well as clarify that you are heading in the right direction along the way to the top.

Another particularly obvious item to pack is an in-depth map of your location.
A detailed map contains grid references to locations, which is essential should you need to call the police or mountain rescue in an emergency.

Even if you’re planning to trek in broad daylight, you should consider taking a head torch with you. If the trek takes longer than expected, you’ll be able to navigate to safety much easier.

Take a change of clothes. Even if it’s brilliantly sunny at the start of your walk, conditions can worsen as you approach the summit of a mountain. Bring along a waterproof jacket and a fleece just in case you’ll need them.

Once you've packed all your essentials, the only thing left to do is reach the summit! If you'll be taking on the 3 peaks challenge, remember to always stop when you feel you need to. It's better to take on the challenge safely and slower than not completing it at all. Completing a trek at a pace which suits you allows you to enjoy it more, and take in all the views along the way.