The Ben Nevis Challenge is a 'must do' for this year!

The Ben Nevis Challenge is an exceptional adventure that will take participants on a journey from ‘sea to summit’ by combining cycle/mountain biking with trekking to offer the ultimate weekend experience.

This challenge sees you partake in a sea to summit bike ride, covering around 100km on bike through the Great Glen in the Scottish Highlands, one of the most famous mountain landscapes in the world. The gorgeous landscape will guide you through to what comes next, the ascending of the mighty Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in the UK, where you will enjoy spectacular views of the Scottish Highlands.

A fantastic sense of achievement will follow, though what details below will give you a more detailed breakdown of what to fully expect.

Day 1: Inverness to Fort William (65 miles)

The challenge begins on day one with the challenge taking you from Inverness to the East Coast of Scotland. As a group, you will follow the River Ness through the Great Glen, following through to the Southern Shores Loch Ness on quiet country roads that have utterly stunning views. Arriving near to Ben Nevis, participants will spend the night at Fort William - close to the mountain in a hostel, allowing the chance to prepare for the trek ahead.

Day 2: Ben Nevis (7-8 hours)

A spectacular view across the Scottish Highlands awaits you. With tired legs and minds from the day before, it is now your mission to ascend the mighty Ben Nevis – the UK’s highest mountain. The trek to the summit takes around 4 hours and will see you climb up 1,370m. Back down the mountain will take a few hours and see you complete this challenge, leaving you with an exceptional sense of achievement!

You are able to bring your own bike, or alternatively hire one when on the challenge. There are going to be a number of challenging climbs and a range of off-road and on-road riding required. Trekking will be led by qualified mountain leaders who are also very knowledgeable on the area and landscapes.

For those who are interested in the Ben Nevis challenge, see the website for more details or send an email to:

Can dogs do Ben Nevis?
Provided that your canine companion is healthy, well behaved and has undergone sufficient dog training there's no reason why you can't take Fido along up a simple walk up the mountain, however it's not appropriate for this particular challenge!