Llandudno: Wales’ Finest Tourist Destination

Continuing to be one of Wales’ finest destinations; Llandudno gives tourists an endless amount of fun and excitement alongside picturesque views and landscapes. There are a number of Llandudno seafront hotels along the promenade and even on the side of the Great Orme. These hotels are the perfect base camp for your exploring and adventuring in the North Wales area. Llandudno-based hotels are extremely affordable for families or for the lone backpacker. A large majority of the hotels in Llandudno are just out of the way of any particularly busy “tourist areas”, meaning there is a sense of seclusion and little to no disruption from the hustle and bustle of the noisy town (or jolly patrons of the local bars and pubs). North Wales and Llandudno in particular have become quite a “trendy” location for tourists of all age groups, due to the attractions and entertainment having improved drastically over the years. Places like Venue Cymru are attracting some incredible entertainment such as world famous bands, comedians and stage productions. However, as I’m sure you are aware; Llandudno is not just the home of high quality entertainment. The landscapes and environment are something of a natural beauty, attracting visitors from all over the country just to hike up both Orme’s’ and traverse deeper into the hillsides and woodlands. Taking the route to the top of the Great Orme summit is an absolute necessity for any lover of walking, hiking and exploring. The route to the top is as simple as following the clearly signposted nature trails and the panoramic views stretching from Llandudno and towards Snowdonia are truly breathtaking. People who visit Llandudno on a regular basis absolutely love doing so; the endless amounts of fun and continuously improving entertainment and activities in the area and close-by make the trip completely worthwhile. If you are interested in taking a trip to Llandudno then be sure to look into the various luxurious Llandudno seafront hotels to accommodate you.