North Wales: 5 Things Not To Miss

From spectacular coastlines to whimsical towns, North Wales is adorned with a fantastic selection of hotels, shops, castles, beaches, outdoor adventures and more. If you’ve booked or thinking about booking a hotel in Snowdonia, here are 5 things not to miss!

Walk The Coastal Path
2018 is the ‘Year of the Sea’ here in Wales and with 870 miles of coastal path, you won’t be disappointed. North Wales is known for its beautiful coast, featuring towering cliffs, many harbours, bountiful beaches and more. From sightings of bottlenose dolphins to magical islands, you’ll fall in love with what North Wales has to offer - you’re never more than an hour from the sea!

The Smallest House In Britain

Let’s be honest, you can’t come to North Wales without paying a visit to the smallest house in Britain. If not only to snap a picture next to this tiny home, Conwy Quay is lovely quaint town full of independent shops and cafes. The tiny home is only 3.1 metres high and features only one room upstairs with a bed and bedside cabinet!

Bounce Below
What’s more unique than a subterranean trampoline park? Yes, you heard right, Bounce Below is set in the Llechwedd slate quarry and features trampolines suspended up to 180 ft off the ground! Expect to crawl through tunnels, fly down industrial sizes slides and explore by spiral staircases!

Worlds Hottest Chilli

Are you one for hot dishes? Perhaps you should try and take on the world's hottest chilli! It is known to be 700 times more hotter than a jalapeño pepper and 400 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce, its definitely not one for the fainthearted. They use Bhut Jolokia Chillis which is a ghost pepper, rated more than 1 million on the Scoville Heat Scale which measures the pungency of chilli peppers and spicy food.

An Italianate village with spectacular views, Portmeirion is a whimsical wonderland that delights all who visit. With Riviera inspired houses and beautiful gardens, you could spend hours if not the whole day strolling the village. It also houses No. 6 Festival once a year which is a quirky cultural festival that features music, comedy, art and more over a 3 day weekend.