When planning outdoor activities in rural areas like Snowdonia, it’s always nice to know that
after a challenging activity a nice quiet place to relax is only a stone’s throw away.

To make things a little easier on your holidays, you may want to book a hotel or B&B close to where you’ll be spending most of your time exploring.

When looking for hotels in Snowdonia you’ll want to do some research into things that they may or may not permit.

For example, if you are planning on taking your dogs with you, you’ll need to ensure that they provide pet accommodation beforehand. You may also need to ensure they have space to store equipment like mountain bikes or similar if you’re planning on a cycling holiday in Wales.

North Wales has been considered the ‘Adventure Capital of Europe’, so as you might expect, there’s quite a lot of opportunities for exciting activities here. Zip World is a fantastic example. This company offers a variety of activities, including 100mph zip lines, forest rollercoasters and underground cave trampolining within Snowdonia.

The location of your hotel or B&B is incredibly important for an activity-packed holiday, as it allows you to be to close the place you’ll be adventuring at. After enduring whatever hardship you encountered while doing your activity - you don’t want to have to travel a tedious distance to be able to relax and get some shut-eye.

There are quite a few hotels near Zip World, which, if you decide to stay in one means that you won’t have to spend half the day travelling to your activity. Being close to all the main activities in the area means that you can pack so much more into your holiday!

Of course, you can still have an adventurous time in North Wales without having to visit attractions - there are plenty of waymarked walking and mountain climbing routes within the area, especially in the Snowdonia National Park. 

Pack your walking boots, plenty of food supplies and enjoy the rural landscape of North Wales before retiring back to a cosy, traditional Snowdonia B&B.