Hotels in Conwy Worth A Visit or Two

We’re all for being pampered on our holidays, but for very many people including ourselves, the image of a hotel conjures stuffy experiences which are certainly not fun. When we think of hotels, we’re torn between two mental pictures – the first being soulless Holiday Inns and Travelodges where every room, every meal and every single experience is mind-numbingly bland, dull, and exactly the same no matter where in the world you stay – and the opposite end of the spectrum, depressing and antiquated seafront hotels with dated décor, dated food, and just dated… well, everything.

There are historic hotels in the North Wales area which are old-fashioned in all of the right areas, and up-to-date and modern in others. All of this is offered with a very real sense of genuinity – with absolutely no plastic attitudes, no plastic manufactured history and absolutely no plastic food. The Groes Inn hotel in Conwy is one of the shining examples of a historic property brought bang up to date in all of the right areas, without compromising the style or character of the building itself.

The pub (which is very proudly a pub and absolutely not a bar) boasts so very much. Beamed ceilings, a very real fire, real ales and a real heartwarming experience which you’re not likely to get anywhere else at all – as well as a restaurant which offers no-nonsense casual dining in the pub area or a proper affair with white tablecloths and linens in their dining room which is absolutely perfect for those that like a little bit of ceremony with their meal.

The Groes Inn Hotel in Conwy is as traditional as traditional gets – the building has been around since the age of the Tudors and is the first ever established pub in Wales, but their extension has provided the Groes Inn with a number of bedrooms which are tucked away, safe and sound, and completely and entirely modern. The bedrooms at the Groes Inn are up to the minute and have a number of features such as flatscreen TVs, free Wi-Fi, charming décor, some seriously powerful showers and gargantuan, super-comfy beds. 

 Even better, the bedrooms at the Groes Inn Hotel in Conwy provide stunning, sweeping views of the Conwy valley which we’re sure will be the highlight of your stay.