The History of the Groes Inn Hotel in Conwy

One of the best things about going on holiday is being spoiled. There are a number of high end hotels in Conwy out there, but should you be looking for an experience that will make all of your nearest and dearest envious, then we’ve got the perfect place for you. The Groes Inn Hotel in Conwy is one of the best of the best places to stay in North Wales, and really has it all. Luxury rooms, excellent ales, gorgeous scenery, as well as staff which will do anything in the name of good service.

The History of the Groes Inn is a long and an interesting one. The building was originally constructed in the times of the Tudors alike lots of other inns at the time, in order to serve travellers an ale (or two!) as they made their way from village to village around Wales.

While indeed the thought of tourism wasn’t all that common back in the times of Henry the VIII travelling used to be a much more arduous task, and places like the Groes Inn were considered excellent reprieves from what could often be very difficult and long journeys which were fraught with danger way back then. The reason why the Groes Inn, alike other pubs and inns and taverns favoured serving alcohol to their patrons wasn’t (just) to show them a good time, either!

Water was considered so filthy back then that the very best way to get sick would be to have anything prepared with it. That applied to tea and all manner of other drinks too. Of course, water could be filtered and water from sources such as rivers, creeks, and springs was (more or less…) okay, but there is a very good reason as to why the life expectancy in the times of the Tudors was much, much lower than it is today.

Over the years, the regulations around serving alcohol started to be enforced in Wales, and the Groes Inn applied to become a licensed premises accordingly. Interestingly, it has been proven that the Groes Inn in Conwy was the first licensed inn in Wales, unlike other inns which chose to fight the regulations for as long as they could avoid being discovered in order to not pay any taxes on their trade.

To go to the Groes Inn in Conwy is an experience, to say the least. We can’t think of anywhere that’s aged quite so well – many original features of the Groes Inn are still intact, and the owners seem to adore the places vintage features just as much as the clientele themselves. Give the place a visit, we’re sure whether you’re a lover of history or not, you won’t be disappointed!