Welsh Wagyu Beef in Snowdonia

What is Welsh Wagyu Beef and why is it so famous?

A Wagyu is a Japanese cow which is known worldwide for it’s high quality. There are 4 breeds of Japanese cow, including, Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Polled and Japanese Shorthom. From Top restaurants in London to Country houses in Snowdonia, Wagyu Beef is a luxury and unique addition to any menu.

You may be wondering, why is the meat from this cattle so highly requested? Well, for one, this breed of cow has a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 which are fatty acids. This increase is fat is what causes the marbled effect in the beef, increasing tenderness, flavour and juiciness.

The Wagyu cattle must be fed a very strict diet which follows guidelines, this is also applied to how they are reared. The calves are also fed very specifically with a special feed, this ensures that the meat will have a lot of the highly requested marbling. Unlike regular cows, the Wagyu cattles diet is closely monitored to ensure they are eating and drinking correctly.

Although there is a myth of the Wagyu cattle having to be massaged daily to reduce stress and increase blood flow, this is not true. However, sometimes the cattle will be brushed and massaged occasionally if they are deemed to be stressed! A lot of cattle are said to be fed craft beer and just like the daily massages, this is also false.

If you’re a foodie looking for a new gastronomic delight, Wagyu Beef is definitely one to try. Welsh Wagyu Beef has won triple gold stars in the Great Taste awards which is judged by the best in the food business and so you can rest assured that it is just as good as the beef reared in Japan. Why not book a table and taste for yourself?