Why You Should Book A Trip To Pwllheli

North Wales is full of new places to explore, one of them being the beautiful market town of Pwllheli. If you’re currently researching your next trip, why not consider booking into some self catering cottages pwllheli? Here’s why we think you’d love it!

One of the benefits of Pwllheli is that it is literally on the coastline, meaning you won’t have to travel at all to experience the beautiful beaches, harbours and coastal paths. 2018 is ‘Year of the Sea’ in Wales, which aims to celebrate the coast and it’s magical shores. Wales has more Blue Flag beaches per mile than anywhere else in the United Kingdom, the harbours, marinas, cliffs, coves and more are perfect for exploring and unwinding.

Another reason to visit Pwllheli is the wide range of amazing independent restaurants, pubs and cafes. Wales is known for its food and there are many local producers that work alongside the restaurants in the area to offer unique, tasty and delightful dishes. From award winning fish and chips to a Welsh ice cream on the beach, there is something for everyone and with all tastes. In addition to the food, there are plenty of independent shops and boutiques that you can spend all day strolling through. From clothing and gifts to surging gear and souvenirs, spending a day walking through the shops is a must!

Pwllheli is a haven for watersports and is quickly becoming the go to for people who love the sea. The town boasts world class water sports facilities, perfect for those into sailing, jet skiing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and more. Whether you’re a first timer or a pro, Pwllheli is the ideal place to try your hand at or practise your water skills!

There are many, many more reasons to visit Pwllheli, however, the few we have mentioned are enough to give you a taste of what you could experience in this popular town. If you’re looking to book a stay in Pwllheli, there are some fantastic self catering options as well as b&b’s, country houses and more - It is the perfect base for a fantastic trip away.