The Best Restaurant in Llandudno?

Llandudno is a wonderful place, and one that provides excellent accommodation as well as excellent experiences for a multitude of guests year after year. There are many fantastic hotels and restaurants in Llandudno, and the town is very much a wonderful place in order to relax, unwind, and be spoiled – either with a high quality weekend away, or just with some really, really good food.

One of the best restaurants in Llandudno is very much a locals’ secret, and has won Michelin awards in the past for the quality of its food as well as the quality of its service and standards. Believe it or not, this place is the St Tudno Hotel on Llandudno’s pretty West Parade. You might not thin that a hotel in Llandudno is good for anything but stiff service and lukewarm set meals, but the St Tudno Hotel has been mentioned in the Michelin Guide for a very good reason – and that’s the quality and the choice which is on offer in their little restaurant.

At first impression, you might consider the d├ęcor to be a little odd – with murals of Lake Como across the walls as well as a sort of fairytale theme to the entire dining hall characterised in fancy chairs, fancy tablecloths, as well as the flowers which are wound through the chandeliers – but the St Tudno Hotel’s menus are anything but strange. There’s good, hearty food included in each and every one of them, and the St Tudno Hotel provides excellent food at a rate which you’ll certainly find surprising for how cheap it is.

Take the St Tudno Hotel current special – every Friday, they hold their steak night which allows you a choice of very many different types of steaks (and some truly wonderful vegetarian options too!) as well as a bottle of red or white wine. Under their current deal, two dine at the St Tudno Hotel for a mere £24.95. We can’t think of a better value deal in Llandudno for two full meals (with steak nonetheless!) and wine, and we’re sure that when you consider the fact that the St Tudno Hotel is a restaurant which is mentioned in the Michelin Guide, it must be one of the cheapest meals in a Michelin restaurant in Wales.